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"Risk Taking Behaviour In Extreme Sports Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Claiming A Mountain And Fighting “Mma”

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what is risk- taking behaviour? Risk-taking behaviours have been the subject of much speculation, from Sigmund Freud's belief that dare-devil stunts arise out of humans' innate "death drive," to some modern psychologists' view that dangerous activities canmake us feel more alive. In general, we think of risky behaviour as encompassing activities only a handful of courageous, or "crazy," people would attempt,including skydiving, rock climbing, cliff jumping, or other dramatic exploits ( Risk taking is a behaviour taken by individuals or groups for excitements as well as to achieve specific goals and try a new experience. Risk taking behaviour can causes good and bad things for risk- takers. the good things in a risk taking behaviour is when people do it and get to the desire objective. bad things are going to be the effects that can be happened to the adventurous . who does a risk-taking behaviour? and why? adventurous do it; for different reasons. motivations for risk taking behaviour differ from person to person according to their circumstance and values. This type of people are always looking for a new adventure that is involved with risk. there are different angles for risk taking behaviour, but this research is looking at the effects and causes.

Effects are the consequences of an action of a person who is taking a risk behaviour for any reason.  Any risk- taker can be easily effected by their decision of making risk behaviour. For example, people who jump from airplanes doing parachuting depending on their back bags to open whenever they need it. However, this action can put people at risk by breaking their bones or even killing them in some situations. Being in the army as solider is a permanent risk behaviour where the soldiers have to be at risk any time. They have to fight for their countries and there is a big chance to get killed, yet they are still working. For example a country has a conflict with another country not only when a country has a conflict but also when soldiers are training for parachuting or any other activities that the army does. Theses activities are all considered as risk taking behaviours and can be harmful for those who are doing it. MMA clubs, MMA is a mix of all self defence sports that is really dangerous where they let two people fight each other and eventually reward them. Fighting clubs are the most missed up sport when it comes to effects, why? because all fighters have been injured and the injuries are different from one to another. It is clear that this game is damaging the players and has a lot of effects on the players’ bodies; It is so obvious just by looking at the shape of their ears. despite that is contradicted with humanity, it is the only choice for some people, especially, those who are in need and want to improve their live.

Claiming a mountain is one of the extremist sports in the world. No matter what it takes from them to claim a new mountain they will do it. some of...

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