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Risks And Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

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Risks and Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a growing entity which needs to be assessed more carefully.

Messages within the media indirectly contribute to the rising rate of plastic surgery. Desires to meet the idealisms of media representations are often so consuming that people demand plastic surgery despite all of its associated risks and controversies. To compensate for this up and coming surgical trend, technology has developed more reasonable and attainable options for the public. Millions of operations are now able to be performed on those wishing to fulfill specific gratifcations toward their own personal appearance and/or self-esteem. This is a serious problem in that people are unaware or just simply disregard the risks and controversies associated with unnecessary surgeries.


In order to understand how plastic surgery is detrimental, it is necessary to look at the negative impact it can leave on a person or persons. The most obvious of the problems associated within the industry is the unnecessary risk it poses to one's physical health and well-being., the largest network of Plastic Surgeons backed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, claims that there are a great deal of potential risks which are associated with aesthetic surgeries. These include complications from bleeding, suture reaction and wound separation, Necrosis, nerve damage, allergic reactions to anesthesia, scarring, and any other complications associated with routine surgical procedures. Bleeding normally continues up to 3 days post surgery and can cause problems clotting, or hemotoma, making the patient(s) susceptible to infection or seromas, which is a collection of tissue fluid. Sutures are foreign objects placed in the body that can be rejected and affect a person's immune system. Complications in sutures vary in degree and are relative to further infections. Wound separation possesses even more problems to a patient and can permanently scar the skin, it could potentially occur each time an incision is made. Death of tissue, known as necrosis, nerve damage affecting feeling and stimulation, serious scarring which sometimes leaves the patient feeling more self-conscious than even before the surgery and other alternative complications arise as a result of plastic surgery.


MedicineNet analyzes mental health risks as a result of unrealistic expectations of surgery. When a person engages in plastic surgery on the wrong grounds, they tend to be unsatisfied with their results. This causes stress and sometimes depression on the patient, which can also affect their physical health, due to delayed and/or prolonged healing time. It is critical for plastic surgeons to be specifically trained in psycho-therapy. During an initial consultation, the doctor must first determine whether the patient is emotionally stable. They look for things such as age, development, mental illness, whether the patient is...

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