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Risks For Heart Disease Essay

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All families in the world have their own personal family risk factors pertaining to their health. These risk factors come from generations that are then sometimes passed down to the newer generations of the family. Some of these risk factors that families have could be diseases or cancers that can unfortunately take one’s life to soon because it attacks their body a certain way and causes it to shut down. But, many families could possibly overcome these risk factors they may have by changing their life styles and not following in the steps of earlier generations. My family risk factor, heart disease, will be discussed through the risk factor, how life style might play a role in the risk factor, what can be done to help lower the chances that family members develop the potential health problems, and what life styles within the family might lead to the potential health problem.
The biggest family risk factor that my family has to be concerned with is heart disease, especially cardiovascular disease. The Mayo Clinic Staff discussed, “cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke” (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013, Heart disease, para. 2). This disease is unfortunately the reason many people die and sometimes even die at a young age because of it. My grandfather was a victim of cardiovascular disease and he ended up with his first heart attack in his late 40’s while he was driving on his way to work. He lived through the first attack and eventually had to have triple bypass surgery at the age of 66. During the surgery there were complications, he was under to long and ended up with Parkinson’s disease with Lewy Body Alzheimer’s. He then had another heart attack at age 71 on a cruise ship, where he was hooked up to a machine until they could get off the ship and to a hospital in Panama. When going up the elevator of the hospital, he suffered another heart attack and that is when my grandmother had decided to take him off of life support. Also, my grandfather’s mother (my great grandmother) suffered with cardiovascular disease, she had a stroke at age 90 and ended up dying at age 94 because she suffered a massive heart attack and did not end up living through it.
Depending on how a person lives their life could determine if they are putting themselves at risk for the risk factors that their family faces. It is suggested that, “Several factors contribute to cardiovascular disease. They include: smoking, including second hand smoke, high amounts of certain fats and cholesterol in the blood, high blood pressure, high amounts of sugar in the blood, and blood vessel inflammation” (2011, What Causes Heart Disease?, para.1). Living a lifestyle with these factors that can cause cardiovascular disease would put you at risk especially if this disease is a family risk factor. My grandfather had many of these factors listed above, he started...

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