Risks Vs Planning Essay

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Success is defined as attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. To attain success, however, is very difficult. One must wonder whether success is obtained through risk taking or through careful planning. I believe that success is the result of tedious planning. Planning can give an individual complete control over the situation and will not put that person in an unexpected position; it also builds confidence for the person doing the task and helps avoid impractical stunts.By planning carefully, one will be in full control of what is going on and what is required to accomplish the next step. It also builds confidence in that one will not be placed in a situation that is not planned; one can be confident about the result as opposed to worrying about the outcome. One cannot solely live for the moment, but would have to be prepared at what life throws at him. For instance, when a student has to take a final exam, he should outline what he is required to study and spend time to study, as opposed to hoping that the test be rescheduled to another day or perhaps praying that it will be an easy test. One should not gamble in such important circumstances. Therefore, being prepared can let an individual live life peacefully and avoid the mental stress involved in being unprepared.By analyzing the possibilities that one may succeed, one can avoid attempting an unreasonable feat, thus saving precious time and energy. It also gives an individual more options to fallback on in case one should fail. In a perfect world, if someone gives his best, he should succeed. However, we do not live in a perfect world so this kind of wishful thinking is impractical. Giving one’s all may not be enough for success,...

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