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Risks When Employees Work For A Virtual Company

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Employee Risks
The authors of our textbook inform us that the employers of virtual works are not the only ones assuming risks, as the virtual works themselves’ face a plethora of personal risks, even if they encrypt organizational information regularly. The reason that the previously mentioned is true is due to the fact that the employees private and personal data could be exposed during legal discovery requests. As such, the textbook asserts that for the aforementioned as well as additional reasons, organizational assets should be only used to perform company functions only, which needs to be stated explicitly in the security policies of the organization as to protect both the employee as well as the employer. Unfortunately, I was able to find very little information regarding the risks posed to employees during my research when it comes to Virtual Work, the primary focus is overwhelmingly on the risks assumed by the employers of virtual works (Workman, Phelps, & Gathegi, 2013, p. 44).
Employee Monitoring and Control
Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, the author of the Privacy within the virtual workplace: The entitlement of employees to a virtual “private zone” and the "balloon" theory article notes that employers rely on monitoring social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook in their efforts collecting information that may glean insight into existing and potential hirers (Yanisky-Ravid, 2013 p. 7).
The author later states that the following generations of workers are cognizant and acknowledge their vulnerability of their reputation due to digital media, however, are unwilling to abstain from participating on the Internet and segregate themselves socially. As a result of this fact, Millennials depend on and expect employers who are uninhibited in their efforts to collect the private information exposed by employees to abstain for casting judgments on them. Moreover, said employees expect that their employers will keep their private lives segregated from their work lives and trusts that the actions taken in ones private life will not affect said individuals' carrier. Exacerbating the issue further is the fact that portable devices make it far more convent and efficient to share personal information on social media sites. The aforementioned individuals for whom are unwilling to disconnect from social media and the shearing of their private information, for the most part, lack the legal and or technological capabilities to protect themselves from privacy intrusions that most likely would not have occurred and would have remained exclusively private at one time (Yanisky-Ravid, 2013 pp. 8 & 9).
Others who are cognizant of the aforementioned information and the potential ramifications of the probable privacy violations abstain from engaging in social media and as such pay the price of becoming social cripples (Yanisky-Ravid, 2013 pp. 8 & 9).
The previously cited article also asserts that on-line screening...

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