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Risky Business Essay

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“Sshhhh…there you go Tommy. Mommy a be back to check on you. Be a good boy.”

Jessica puts Tommy in his crib and turns the television on, gives him a couple of toys and places a sippy cup of juice in his crib.

Exhausted and determined Jessica goes to her computer. She’s been working for three years now on a business plan that seems to have no light at the end of the tunnel. Writing countless business proposals—with writes and re-writes—Jessica constantly daydreams about the financial life she yearns for. She wanted to give Tommy more than he could ask for in life.

Today looked no different, but it didn’t feel the same.

Jessica had a business phone line that she only gave investors ...view middle of the document...

After the documents are signed and the project goes into action, time passes. In fact, Jessica is two years into the business and everything seems to have an ever-reaching end of goodness. However, as a result, she begins to get comfortable in her work. That made her become sloppy. Looking over details. Signing documents without reading them. And, just not giving the same attention to detail she did to the business as when she first started.

To make matters worse, instead of sticking to her business plan; she started borrowing from the company to cater to personal expenses and luxuries. The effects of her actions became even more dangerous when her comfort caused a trickle effect onto her employees to become lackadaisical. Her accountant wasn’t budgeting and bookkeeping effectively. Resources were being abused. And the business had simply lost its vision.

Adding to the chaos, during Jessica’s success she had rattled the cage of other entrepreneurs in and out of her industry. And, with nowhere to turn, Jessica could only turn to those same people for advice on her situation.

Surprisingly, they all listened and gave advice. However, the only problem was, they were giving her bad advice. Advice so bad that Jessica would know it was bad advice.

The spiraling effects of everything left Jessica lost, discouraged, and in a drinking depression. After months of being shunned and nowhere to turn, Jessica began to seek emotional coddling. So, she called her mother.

“Helloooo…?” A soft-spoken sweet elderly woman said.

Jessica’s mental and physical frustration drove and hit her into an emotional wall once she heard the sound of her mother’s voice. Feeling free, Jessica began to pour out her experiences.

“…Mom, I don’t know what to do. Everything is just falling apart. My accountant didn’t keep good books and now my business is failing.”

“Well…you’re still young. You can...

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