Ritalin: Is It Worth The Risk?

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ADD and ADHD are two very serious diseases that should be treated in order for a child to have a more normal life. The problem today is that more and more doctors are misdiagnosing children and prescribing them with Ritalin. As parents, you are allowing your children to be pumped full of amphetamines for simply not being paid enough attention to. I believe that children who truly have this disease should get the medication and care they need, but parents need to do a better job of screening the children for the ones who actually need it and the ones who simply have a lack of guidance in their lives. Children that often have trouble sitting still or paying attention may not necessarily have an attention disorder, but a lack of guidance from their parents. Starting at a young age children are often sat down in front of a television for hours at a time instead of interacting with other children and you as parents. This can lead to children becoming bored and lacking proper communication skills. These two things may cause you or a teacher to misdiagnose them with an attention disorder instead of looking deeper at the problem. Children who eat junk food that includes massive amounts of sugar and who don't have a strictly healthy diet are also more likely to have trouble paying attention. If parents paid more attention to the diet and activities of their children, there might be a decrease in the misdiagnoses of children. In today's world it is becoming more and more common for a child to line up at a nurses station in their school to get their dose of Ritalin rather than going to a pharmacy. In fact, most schools have more Ritalin on hand than pharmacies (Phillips). Most problems of an attention disorder often show through during a child's elementary experience. Teachers will usually call the child's parents or send him/her to the school nurse if problems of lack of focus persist in the classroom. Unfortunately these children are often misdiagnosed. It is possible that these children might actually be gifted and are simply bored with the curriculum of their class. A study by a professor at the University of...

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