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Ritalin Issues And Popular Use With Children

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In class, there are always the kids who cannot sit still, constantly are talking out without raising their hands, and have trouble paying attention. Often times these problems are affecting the child's entire life and need to be treated. Attention deficit/ hyperactive disorder is a very commonly diagnosed disorder, particularly in America. Since it is so common, it plays a major role in the way children are raised and taught. The debate continues and the search is on to define ADHD and its cause. Some research indicates that ADHD is an inherited deficiency of dopamine in the brain.At this point in time the main drug prescribed for ADHD is methylphenidate or more commonly known as Ritalin. This drug induces a child's brain to focus, helping him to stay in his seat and attentive to assigned tasks. It is noted by Mary Eberstadt that boys are diagnosed with ADD three to five times as often as girls (7). The issue of Ritalin is seen as both the solution and the problem depending on ones point of view.Some individuals may never be completely content with Ritalin as they are worried about its effectiveness. Extensive studies of child behavior show the advantages and disadvantages of using Ritalin and the effects it will have on children. Other studies show that Ritalin is highly effective in helping children become compliant in the classroom. I have seen the difference that Ritalin and other psycho-stimulants can have on a student's ability to concentrate and succeed in school.Parents are worried about their children's well being and how it is affecting them. Meanwhile other parents are seeing Ritalin as a lifesaver and they are happy their children are improving. School officials and teachers ask that Ritalin would be used to make teaching easier and the classroom setting would be more peaceful. Ritalin is the most commonly prescribed treatment for ADHD. Its effectiveness and safety are questioned by some and emotions run very high.Doctors have prescribed Ritalin for this disorder far more than any other drug. Ritalin is widely used, " With the number of children taking Ritalin estimated at well over three million, more than double since the 1990 figure"(Eberstadt1). Many parents are questioning whether the schools can force them to put their children on Ritalin. The answer is no, yet the pressure from the schools is sometimes strongly voiced. "Teachers however, might suggest it because they have seen it help other students with ADHD" (CHADD3).The efficiency of Ritalin has to be looked at from a large number of sources because so many studies have been done and there are several sides taken on the subject. Ritalin is effective to increase attention span and decrease distractibility for the majority of the population, whether or not they have ADHD. This becomes confusing if one follows the logic of researchers who prove the presence of this disorder by whether or not they are benefited by Ritalin.Ritalin cannot be effective if children resist or refuse...

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