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Significance of Cosmology on Ritual and Music Culture in Early China

Beginning when the mythical Five emperors of China ruled (2800-2070 BCE), the relationship between music and ritual was already established in order to follow moral and ethical guidelines and establish social order. This gave way to a complex system of music and ritual that were intertwined and interdependent, with the single aim of bringing harmony to society and ensuring success and strength of the Dynasty. The correlation between music culture, ritual and social values became strictly defined in during the Zhou dynasty (1045-256 BCE) because in the ideal society as conceptualized by Confucius (551-479 BCE), ...view middle of the document...

This is evident from the five tones of the musical scale that correspond to Five Phases which was a cosmic principle that the early Chinese incorporated into the natural framework of their society to attain harmony. During the Zhou dynasty, the government appointed officials to teach music education in schools to reinforce the Confucian revival of ritual and musical practices. This allowed development of a rich understanding of musical philosophy and musical interpretation (Van Breeman 2-3). Early Chinese music was based on a chromatic scale with 12 fundamental sounds grouped into two groups with six tones in each. These sounds were not just sounds though, as they represent something much more important to the early Chinese society because they incorporated ideas of cosmology. The groups represented the masculine group and the feminine group, Ying and Yang, Li and Lu respectively. This symbolism is first observed in the basis of Chinese music, the five tones. The first was gōng 宫, meaning the Emperor, the second was shāng 商, the Prime Minister, third was jué 角, loyal subjects, fourth was zhǐ 徵, affairs of the state, and the fifth was yǔ 羽, material things (Van Breeman). These notes meant more than just sounds; they each corresponded to a natural phenomenon such as a lunation, elevating these sounds in an almost poetic sense to more important philosophical purpose. Music was able to take on a whole new dimension of significance as a medium to achieve harmony and embody elements off cosmology so important to rituals and daily life in social sphere of early China (Richard 91-94).

Throughout the Zhou dynasty, music began to take on a more religious role that was closely associated with ancestor worship, sacrifices and ritual practice which were important facets of everyday life to the early Chinese. Music was categorized into eight different natural sounds and metal was used to create most ritual and ceremonies at court ( Van Breeman). One of the greatest archaeological discoveries dating to around 430 BCE, The Warring States Period (482-221 BCE), was the tomb of the Marquis of Yi. This tomb was uncovered in Hubei province and included four chambers summing up to...

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