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River Valley Civilizations Essay: Mesopotamia Vs Egypt History Essay

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The modern form of humans came around 200,000 years ago, and since that time we have evolved from hunter-gatherers into a stationary, civilized society that we live in today. This is all thanks to early civilizations, such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, that became the core and foundation of later ways of life. Mesopotamia and Egypt had several common traits to thrive and unique perspectives on how to live that set them apart. For instance, two similarities would be that they both were able to achieve an agricultural surplus and believed in polytheistic religions. However, Mesopotamia had kings to rule over them while Egypt had pharaohs and Egypt was one kingdom and organized while Mesopotamia was divided and faced foreign invasion.
There are numerous elements considered when identifying a successful civilization—but one of the more obvious is the ability to sustain a population. Mesopotamia settled in an area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and Egypt was settled along the Nile River. These major rivers all flooded providing rich soil which was ideal for agriculture. Soon enough, both civilizations grew excess food—an agricultural surplus! That food could then be used for trade and eventually lead to more technological advancements. The two civilizations also had similar beliefs. The citizens of Mesopotamia and Egypt were all polytheistic—which means they believed in more than one god. They believed that the gods controlled the natural forces around them and satisfying the gods was very important. With that mentality, priests soon rose to the top of society to conduct rituals and offerings at temples or towards...

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