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Rivers Kenya Essay

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Most American knows very little about the Country of Kenya and the people that live there. For the most part, American people get there is an image and what they know about the Country Kenya from the news. The most recent event that occurred in the capital of Kenya, “Nairobi, Somali militants set off two blasts that wounded at least 70 people and at least ten people killed.” (Reported by Drazen Jorgic) Because most American people lack knowledge of the county of Kenya, it hurts their ability to understand, and engage in intelligent discussion about the people of Kenya and their culture.
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“However, problems that arose with the rise of global oil prices in 1973 have been aggravated by periodic drought and accelerating population growth” ( Encyclopedia Britannica) . With the rise of oil prices, Kenya’s economy was not able to maintain a suitable balance of trade at the same time addressing the chronic problems of growing unemployment and poverty. Because of country’s not been able to industrialize the country has been damage, foreign purchasing power were limited, among other elements, diminishing country budgets, increased external and internal debt, poor infrastructure, and immense governmental corruption within the Kenya and mismanagement.
Kenya seeks to expand the operations for the country exports in the last decade by adding horticultural products, cement, clothing, fluorspar and many other products. The country also made the export of manufactured goods such as paper and vehicles a priority. “Domestic restrictions on imports have been removed slowly, however, and this policy has been only partially successful” (Encyclopedia Britannica). There was an unchanging growth in Kenya’s economy momentum. Kenya persistently been dominated by the foreign market and tourism. “Kenya’s Agricultural exports were still the major source of foreign exchange for the country in the early 21st century” (Encyclopedia Britannica).
The Country Kenya is located on the continent of Africa in the east region, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania. “Kenya has three cities and several major towns in its eight provinces. The capital city is Nairobi. The other cities are Mombasa and Kisumu. The other major towns are headquarters in their respective provinces.” ( Even though, the official languages are Swahili and English, there are actually 62 languages spoken in the country (According to Ethnologue).
In most parts of the Kenya, It is hot and humid around the coast. The temperature inland is very dry around the northeast and the northern part of Kenya. Kenya mostly has sunshine all year round. At night and in the morning the temperature is normally cool. The temperatures can range as high as 93 degrees Fahrenheit and drop as low as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The majority of Kenya rainfall occurs from April through the month of June. From the month of October until November, Kenya has a short period of rainfall. During the month of December to March, the Country is mostly windy and dry.
The estimated number of people living in Kenya is 45,941,977, making Kenya the 30th largest country in the world in terms of population number of people alone. Kenya is 224,080 square miles making it also the 47th largest country in the world.
A little over two-thirds of the people of Kenya are Christian, primarily attending Protestant or Roman Catholic churches. The people of Kenya were first introducing to Christianity in the 15th century through...

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