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Intervention On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Essay

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The behaviors my intervention will target will be to wear my carpal tunnel brace every night as I was told by my doctor and to perform my daily stretches for the carpal tunnel. It is important to change these behaviors because if I do not my carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) could worsen and I could potentially need surgery to correct it. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve (Morina et al., 2012 ). I would rather avoid the need to get surgery because there could be a chance that I would still suffer from my CTS. According to Shifflett and colleagues (2012), the outcomes of this operation are not predictable. The level of health behavior I will target is tertiary, which involves a person taking measures to control a disease that has already been diagnosed (Martin et al., 2010). I currently have carpal tunnel syndrome and want to control it from becoming worse.
I will be basing my intervention off the Information-Motivation-Strategy Model. All the other models are condensed into this one model (Martin et al., 2010). For starters, I need to have information about the health behavior I would like to change. Having this information would have a positive impact because I would become more motivated to change my behavior(s). Lastly, being motivated would lead me to form a strategy that I could use to implement this change (Martin et al., 2010).
This intervention will be intrapersonal, as I will be trying to change my own personal behavior. My intervention will also be implemented on an individual level. One persuasive technique I will use for this model is the enactive attainments (personal experiences of success). This persuasive technique would let me take small steps to changing my behaviors (Martin et al., 2010). I could start by stretching my hand/wrist before I begin writing and work my way up from there. This technique would also work with this model because I would recall all of my former accomplishments that I have successfully achieved (Martin et al., 2010). I would essentially be motivating myself. This is a major component for this model. In order for there to be change, there needs to be a crucial component – motivation (Martin et al., 2010).
According to Martin, Haskard-Zolnierek and DiMatteo (2010), self-efficacy is fortified by small accomplishments, which can turn into huge motivators for someone who has completed a goal, albeit a small one. It is noted that by talking about your past success that you will be more than likely to manage your next goals. This is why I believe this persuasive technique will work. This model has shown to lead to positive outcomes in the patients who have followed through with it (Martin et al., 2010). This strategy will be the most effective because I believe this particular model allows for a wider range of health behaviors, which felt better suited for the behaviors I want to change.
I will make the messages from my intervention memorable by keeping in mind...

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