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One of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century, was the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Although many ships have succumbed to the icebergs in the ocean, none have accounted for a greater loss of life than the Titanic (Hill, 2000). All the hype surrounding the Titanic in 1912, made people believe this ship was going to be an unstoppable luxury cruise; even third class passengers would be able to enjoy simple things that weren’t offered on other ocean liners at the time, like cooked meals and their own private cabins. The Titanic was dubbed the Ship of Dreams; however, it would turn into a nightmare for the passengers and their families in less than a week. The maiden voyage from South ...view middle of the document...

The Titanic had gates separating the third class passengers from the others on board, which was another obstacle these citizens faced try to escape the carnage. Shortly after 2am the Titanic sank, and with it more than 1,500 people perished in the disaster. The great ship was only a few hundred miles from the coast of Nova Scotia before in split apart and fell to the bottom of the ocean.
New research suggests the moon may have had a hand in the sinking of the Titanic. On January 12, 1912 moon was closer to the Earth than it had been in over 14,000 years. The gravitational pull created a super-high tide, which helped break the icebergs free. These icebergs eventually made their way south on the Labrador Current. If the super-tide had not occurred, these icebergs may have never had enough water to carry them past the shallow waters near the Newfoundland coast (Waugh, 2012). However, if the moon did play a part in the Titanic’s demise, it was a small part. The captain of the vessel is who should be held accountable. He continued to travel at very high speeds; ignoring all the ice warnings the ship was receiving.
Almost immediately after the Titanic sunk, people wanted to find the ship that made headlines. Unfortunately it took 73 years, after the accident, to find the mighty Titanic. Oceanographer Robert Ballard would be the first to finally find the ship while working on a secret mission for the Navy to recover two sunken submarines (Abbot, 2010). Ballard was equipped with the technology necessary to uncover the Titanic in the darkness two miles below the surface of the ocean. Ballard and the crew of the research vessel Knorr were equipped with ARGO, which was towed by the ship and was able to capture video of the sea floor. This was the first time the ARGO had been used in the field and it more than proved its worth (WHOI, 2012). A year later Bob Ballard would return with the submersible Alvin to get a closer look. This would be the first time they used Jason Jr., which was a ROV that could be attached...

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