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The Road Less Traveled

     The Road Less Traveled by Scott M. Peck was a very interesting book to examine and read as well. The book opened up with a very subtle and truthful sentence. It stated that life is difficult. This raised certain thoughts and questions to society. What is the reasoning behind our difficulties and obstacles we encounter in our lifetime? How can life become bliss and serene? Although many questions derive from such a blunt sentence, the universal question that the author was trying to instill while reading this book was what prevents us from achieving our full potential as human beings? What keeps us from solving our emotional, spiritual, and psychological problems? Scott M. Peck believes that the conceptual ideas of discipline, love, growth and religion, and finally grace all bind together to provide the answers to these questions.
While I opened the book and began to read, the first-level reply is given in the first section of the book. It is said that we as a society and human beings lack discipline. When a problem is aroused and present, we as humans fail to confront and face them. We fail to solve our personal problems because it either is too painful, difficult, a time consuming process, or we just fail to do so because of our nature. The first section of this book is a discussion of what discipline is, how a person learns or fails to learn the idea of discipline, and how it applies to the basic problems of living. The second section of the book is on love. Scott M. Peck states that if solving our problems is time consuming, difficult, and...

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726 words - 3 pages make, becomes "The Road Not Taken." He takes the other road that is “grassy and wanted wear.” The road he chooses has a “better claim,” because it is the road that is less traveled on. By taking this road, a clue to his personality is revealed. He is the type of person that wants to try something new and different. He makes the choice based on who he is and what choices he has made in the past. Knowing that this choice will again change his life

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1973 words - 8 pages decided that on the day that he might or might not come back, he might take the other road. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. 20 This last set is about the traveler knowing that in the future he will

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1002 words - 4 pages also realizes that once he commits to the less traveled road, it will be difficult to turn away. The last stanza is where the narrator makes a decision. “I shall be telling this with a sigh/ somewhere ages and ages hence:” Frost seems to use this line almost to sound a bit mocking, or comic. The narrator seems quite dramatic about this. He shows that he isn’t completely confident with his choice of the road less traveled he understand that this

The Road Not Taken

673 words - 3 pages speaker states that he or she takes the road with less wear on it and hopes to come back one day and take the other path as well to explore what is also has to offer. Traveling down the less worn path however, the traveler knows that he probably will never be able to come back and explore the other path. By the end of the poem, the traveler states that he or she took the path less traveled by, and "it has made all the difference," suggesting

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1331 words - 6 pages that morning equally lay| In leaves no step had trodden black.” Several people claim that the speaker goes against everything he stated before here, and tries to mislead the reader by claiming his decision was made because the path looked “grassy and wanted wear” (line 8). As Linda Sue Grimes states in her article “The speaker does exactly that by stating that took the road "less traveled by" when he knows that they were nearly identical. Taking a

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1081 words - 5 pages . Frost wants to take the better path but he is unsure of which is better and randomly chooses one. In the end, years later, Frost says the path he took was the one less traveled, the dangerous and adventurous one. The Poems: “Hope” is the thing with feathers and The Road Not Taken both convey hope and human perseverance differently. The first is more hopeful and conveys human perseverance and the second is less hopeful and does not convey human

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712 words - 3 pages picture in this line that he notices no one has come back from the road less traveled to take the other path. Once someone sees the happiness in taking the road toward God, they rarely turn back. This road makes all the difference in the speaker’s life[VR2] .           Finally, the last case of religion found in this poem is the road not taken. Not a lot is spoken about this road. This road is “bent in the undergrowth” (5); here, we can

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861 words - 3 pages the more common route than the other less traveled path, which "wanted wear." Frost presents a classic conflict- the decision between the common easy path and the exceptional challenging path. Choosing the already known easy path in life many people frequently endure reassures that the outcome will be predictable. While choosing the "less traveled" road represents the gamble of facing a more difficult path in life in hopes to achieve an

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1289 words - 5 pages path. Therefore, Frost calls this 'the road less traveled by.'; The simple fact that the traveler chooses to take this path over the frequently chosen path,indicates the type of personality in the traveler. It shows that the individual is one to not particularly follow the crowd but sets him apart from the rest by doing something new and unique. It is often called 'the path of least resistance.'; In being somewhat of an easier way with less

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1319 words - 5 pages , Frost calls this "the road less traveled by." The simple fact that the traveler chooses to take this path over the frequently chosen path,indicates the type of personality in the traveler. It shows that the individual is one to not particularly follow the crowd but sets him apart from the rest by doing something new and unique. It is often called "the path of least resistance." In being somewhat of an easier way with less obstacles to overcome."And

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518 words - 2 pages cultural exchanges that still continue today.The Silk Road was not jus one route but many routes, roads, and paths that headed in an east-west direction. Some routes were well developed and relatively free from bandits, while others were less protected and had fewer towns that offered shelter from the elements. All these roads, routes, and paths met at one point in a city known as Kashgar. For this motive, the city became one of the most important

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1013 words - 4 pages The Road Less Traveled M. Scott Peek starts off with "life is difficult." Peck speaks of discipline and how it is the basic tool required to solve our problems. Life is a series of problems and what makes life difficult is the process of confronting and solving problems. These problems "evoke in us frustration or grief or sadness, anguish or despair." yet it is in facing these problems that we gain wisdom, strength and courage. Any

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