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" Road Rage "Done by:Ahmed El AttariYacine El BennaSupervised by: Aure April, 2004You're stopped for a red light of several cars. The light changes to green. No one moves, so you give light toot on your horn. The driver immediately in front of you responds by opening his door, getting out, and giving you a blat of obscenities and gestures. This is a typical example of road rage. Road rage can have different types and causes. In fact, there is no singular, definitive confirmation of what constitutes road rage. The term "road rage" is used when a motorist or a passenger intentionally attempts to injure, intimidate or kill another motorist, passenger, or pedestrian. But what about those instances where one driver aggresses another and unintentionally causes the latter to be involved in a violent and/or deadly accident or unintentionally causes the latter to suffer such emotional duress as to produce a deadly heart attack or stroke? Should the aggressing driver be charged with road rage? As a global definition we can say that road rage is an intentional and violent - moral or physical- act that causes directly or indirectly physical or emotional harmful effect on another driver or passenger or pedestrian. The fact that road rage hasn't a single definition makes the choice of appropriate sanctions complicate. This is why there is no specific charge for "road rage". In addition, this phenomenon has started as some small observed cases in different countries and soon those cases had become more frequent to the point of attracting the authorities concerns. Therefore, to shed up light on this problem, we will examine some types, causes and consequences of road rage.Types of road rageWe can distinguish different types of road rage. Those types can be divided into two groups. The first one concerns receipt of particular types of aggressive behavior. In this order, and according to a study made by Matthew Joint MSc BSc MCIT, assistant Head of Road Safety, it has been showed that the majority of motorists interviewed had been tailgated (62 per cent) and had lights flashed at them by other motorists (59 per cent), and about half (48 per cent) had received aggressive or rude gestures. One in five had been deliberately obstructed, and fewer had received verbal abuse (16 per cent) or been physically assaulted by other motorists (one per cent). Men were more likely than women to have received aggressive or rude gestures (52 per cent and 42 per cent respectively), verbal abuse (19 per cent and 10 per cent respectively), and are more likely to have been deliberately obstructed (24 per centand 17 per cent respectively).The second groups include types of aggressive behavior displayed towards other motorists. All respondents were then asked which types of behavior they had done to other motorists. All respondents admitted to doing one or more of the above to other motorists. It is debatable how willing people would be to admitting having done some of the more serious...

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Road rage Essay

1174 words - 5 pages front of me, almost running me off the road. As we approach another stop sign, the driver gets out of his car and walks over to mine. I get out of my vehicle and we begin to yell. The next thing I know, we are in an all out fistfight! The scene described above is an example of road rage. Road rage can be explained by what occurs when drivers get mad to the point of cussing, fighting, or even killing each other. Road rage is extremely dangerous and is

Road Rage Essay

733 words - 3 pages Road Rage      Each day hundreds of cars are sold in the U.S., and new drivers are introduced into the exiting world of automotive. It is more than seventy five percent of the U.S. population that drives a car, polluting our highways of rubber and metal. These cars that can weight up to an average of three tons can be very dangerous, especially if not conducted with the respect it deserves. Because of this matter, a big concern that many

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887 words - 4 pages Have you ever sat behind someone stopped at a green light and been tempted to ram them? That's road-rage. Road-rage is becoming an ever-increasing problem in our society. There are several factors that attribute to the growth of road rage. Road construction has increased the daily stress of driving. Rude and inconsiderate drivers don't think before they act. Another cause of the increase in road rage is the incompetence of drivers. Finally those


1288 words - 5 pages work.There is no national definition for the term "road rage". However, it is commonly defined as a societal condition where motorists lose their temper in reaction to a traffic disturbance. In most cases, the traffic situations encountered are typical of today's normal driving conditions and higher traffic volumes. Road rage consists of a wide variety of aggressive acts committed by one driver aimed at another. Road rage incidents are often minor

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543 words - 2 pages " or want to break the rules - or even plain and simple just don't know how to drive. And for those people out there, that is why many of our best drivers have road rage. "Road rage is the informal name for deliberately dangerous and/or violent behavior under the influence of heightened, violent emotion such as anger and frustration, involving an automobile in use." [1]There are many different forms of road rage. It all depends on the type of

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564 words - 3 pages Road rage or aggressive driving is identified as behavior behind the wheel in which infuriated drivers loose their temper and engage in risk-taking conduct or attempt to injure or kill another driver or pedestrian over minor traffic disputes. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that there is no specific profile of an aggressive driver. Many have histories of violence, criminal records or have experienced emotional setbacks. However, the

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1073 words - 4 pages and she took mine and we moved the vehicles so my truck was in the garage so he wouldn't know where I lived. We came in and talked about what had happened for awhile. I had never been so scared in my life. My mom figured he got scared when he saw me with my phone, maybe though I was calling the cops and he just left. I also thought he may have been drunk. Road rage can definitely get you into a lot of trouble. I learned my lesson.

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742 words - 3 pages backbone of a coward" (Gottfried, 2005, p.476). Though it seems true that road rage is taking over the streets of America, many people utilize their will power to control their road rage. It is much more likely for a person to be an aggressive driver in a busy, over populated city like New York than in a less populated city like Tucson.The more people that are on the road cause us to drive unsafely. In "Rambos of the Road," Gottfried discusses a

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1522 words - 6 pages Road rage is a major problem in the United States, anger causes stress, fear , and accidents to our roadways everyday. In this essay we will define road rage, look at the causes and effects, and come up with solutions on how to avoid an altercation with an aggressive driver who has road rage. Road rage doesn’t always involve two drivers, sometimes it deals with a driver and a pedestrian. We need to learn to deal with the anger, and prevent

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732 words - 3 pages Is road rage a major problem? For years people on the road have been driving recklessly and carelessly and it has caused millions of deaths to incident people every year. Road rage progressively gets worse and worse every year and even though new laws have been enforced people still continue to drive reckless and carless. People can suffer from road rage by having emotional frustration, problems in their life and just being taught wrong

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1864 words - 7 pages Road Rage Prevention: Keeping the Roads SafeHave you ever been the recipient of an obscene gesture or been tailgated while driving? What was your reaction? Did you ignore the other driver or retaliate in a similar fashion? Every day Americans put themselves at risk when getting behind the wheel. Whether driving down the block to the grocery store or embarking on a cross country road trip, every driver is a potential victim of road rage.Road rage

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2129 words - 9 pages How can a normally patient person turn impatient behind the wheel? This is called road rage and it may not sound like much but it actually is deadly. According to road rage is “the informal name for deliberately dangerous and/or violent behavior under the influence of heightened, violent emotion such as anger and frustration, involving an automobile in use.” Throughout this paper I will be discussing road rage through the

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636 words - 3 pages Road Rage      Road rage doesn’t just happen in the United States or just to people you don’t know. Road rage is widespread it happens all over the world where cars are used. Tt can happen to family members and friends. There are many different ways we can educate and help stop road rage occurrences. Some solutions would be to educate school students when they get their licenses. Also educate the public with billboards, commercials, radio

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894 words - 4 pages It seems like you can't drive more than two miles today ithout encountering road rage. Some say that road rage is a national epidemic more dangerous than drunk driving. Others find it to be a perpetual but insignificant problem. Needless to say, almost everyone agrees that road rage is an actual attitude that can be observed on most American roadways. But what is road rage? Is it some kind of medical condition? A certain habit or behavior

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1775 words - 7 pages Road Rage Almost all drivers have experienced some occurrence of road rage. Most of these occurrences are as innocent as a rude gesture, but some drivers have lost their lives because of them. "Traffic is a cooperative activity" (2-3-7). When a driver decides to take control of the road, the consequences can again be fatal. Almost every driver on the road has been involved in one incident or another. No one is immune from road rage