Road Rage And Its Dangers Essay

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Is road rage a major problem? For years people on the road have been driving recklessly and carelessly and it has caused millions of deaths to incident people every year. Road rage progressively gets worse and worse every year and even though new laws have been enforced people still continue to drive reckless and carless.
People can suffer from road rage by having emotional frustration, problems in their life and just being taught wrong
Studies show that more than half of people have experienced road rage at some point and time in their lives. NHTSA defines aggressive driving as occurring when an individual commits many moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other people or property. ...view middle of the document...

Changing your driving habits is not easy. You will need to practice and study safer driving habits. Consider signing up for a driver's education course or better Yet, personalized training. Of course the other extreme is the instigator the driver who infuriates other drivers by driving under the speed limit, skipping turn signals, slowing down early for the exits, accelerating unevenly, and hogging lanes. If this sounds like you, maybe you've already been the victim of road rage.
As we age, it is normal for driving abilities to change. By reducing risk factors and promoting safe driving practices many of us can continue driving safely longer into senior years. But having to pay attention to any warning signs that age is interfering with driving safety and makes appropriate adjustments. Even if finding that needing to reduce your driving or give up the keys, it doesn't mean the end of your freedom or right to travel on your own. Seeking alternative methods of getting from place to place can offer health and social benefits, as well as a welcome change of pace in life. Aging does...

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