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Road Rage: Causes And Solutions Essay

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Road rage is a major problem in the United States, anger causes stress, fear , and accidents to our roadways everyday. In this essay we will define road rage, look at the causes and effects, and come up with solutions on how to avoid an altercation with an aggressive driver who has road rage. Road rage doesn’t always involve two drivers, sometimes it deals with a driver and a pedestrian. We need to learn to deal with the anger, and prevent violence toward others on the road.
Road rage affects every driver, whether you're involved directly or indirectly. Instead of getting angry because of things that are beyond the other drivers control, for example, their age, their driving ability, or the lack of general traffic knowledge. Patience is the key toward control. First, we need to control our own emotions at the wheel. Second, practice better driving habits ourselves. And finally, remember not to take what happens on the road personally.
I strongly believe the reason for road rage in our country is our poor coping ability to stress. Many of these people believe that releasing stress, which has escalated into anger, is a form of release. What many don’t realize is that the opposite happens, and this anger continues to build into rage. These stressed drivers often inflict their anger upon
mere strangers on the road, because it's much easier to cause strangers pain and suffering than it is with people closest to you. You could also be a victim of road rage, by
Zaidi 2
completely random circumstances. Suppose you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. It seems as if their wall of stress is ready to explode at any given moment, if they pushed beyond their limit.
The face of road rage is not the typical "crazy lunatic" that is ready to go on a shooting rampage. The face of road rage takes all forms, and there is not a single individual who is excluded regardless of their age, color, race, or background. When we get into our vehicles, we need to always assume some form of risk of possibly running into another driver who has road rage. Taking early precautions, and allowing ourselves to be composed mentally, is the best way of avoiding any contact with these drivers. Learning how to spot the warning signs before it happens may be the key to save your life, or the life of a loved one.
What is the definition of road rage? Road rage or aggressive driving can be defined as the type of behavior one exhibits behind the wheel in which angry drivers lose their temper, and engage in risk-taking behavior.
The signs of road rage: Mentally condemning other drivers, giving them a "dirty look" to show your disapproval, denying them entry into your lane, preventing another driver from passing, tailgating to intimidate another driver to speed up or to simply get
out of the way, honking or yelling at another driver, using your car, by making sudden, threatening maneuvers, carrying a weapon in your car incase you decide to use...

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