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Road To Stardom: The Life Of The Rich And Famous

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Road to stardom

Life of the rich and the famous, Imagine your name in lights everywhere you go, people shouting your name and loved by all, sounds like a pretty good life right? Like Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting, film is one of the world's oldest and greatest art forms. In 1827 Claude Niepce took the first ever recorded photograph. And after that day an evolution started a whole new industry. The film industry, and when I was at the age of four that was the type of career I was working in. Television it was great while it lasted, but as I grew up I realized that my education was more important than all the glitter and fame. A career in acting can be one of the most exciting and creative careers in the field. To achieve a career in entertainment it takes a lot of Sacrifice, talent, education and determination to lead you to success at the end of the journey.

If anybody would want to join a career in television they need to know the background and the history of acting is. Its a very educational and important part of the career. The history of acting first started in ancient Greece . At the early Greek festivals the actors, directors, and drama were all the same person. Later only three actors could be used in each play, after sometime, non-speaking roles were allowed to perform on stage. Because of the limited number of actors allowed on-stage, the chorus evolved into a very active part of Greek theatre. Though the number of people in the chorus is not clear, the chorus was given as many as one half the total lines of the play. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, defined acting as 'the right management of the voice to express various emotions ' and declared it to be a natural talent that was innate and could not be taught. There are a few ancient Greek plays by Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles that survived all acting history and are still performed in the theatres.

Modern professional acting began in 16th century Italy , whose actors improvised convincing and entertaining situations from real life events . In 1660 England , Thomas Betterton and his wife Mary were famous for their naturalness of delivery. Their work inspired such television shows as: Law & order, The Bernie Mac show , and Scandal. However, Charles hart, Barton Booth , and James Quin, Were well known for their lofty, heroic acting, a style that became dominant in the early 18th century. Such as Mighty Med, House, and ER. A style that became dominant in the first third of the 18th cent. In the mid-18th cent. Charles Macklin and his pupil David Garrick introduced a more naturalistic style, and similar movements took place in France and Germany The old declamatory method did not really die out...

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