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Road Trip Imagine driving from a hot, humid, asphalt region to a beautiful, snowy, peaceful ski resort in less than 24 hours. This is what I experienced during my past two Spring Breaks with my friends. Although the drive from Houston, Texas, to Breckinridge, Colorado, is long and tedious, it's by far my favorite vacation spot.After my last class before Spring Break begins I can hardly wait to jump in the car and head off to the best vacation spot ever. Since Spring Break of 2000 my friends and I have gone to snow ski the steep and tall mountains of Breckinridge, Colorado. We begin our trip with loading the back of a truck and a car with plenty of good food and drinks. After all of our gear is tightly secure, we start for a long journey northwest to the Rocky Mountains. Every 300 miles or so, we stop to switch drivers and stretch our cramped legs. Our first experience with weather change was in Lubbock, where the wind felt frigid and stung our faces. As we passed through Amarillo, the smell of cow manure was quite unbearable. New Mexico state border soon followed and before we knew it small snowflakes were hitting our windshield. Since my friends and I lived in Houston, Texas, we were not appropriately dressed for the quick change in climate. When we stopped at a gas station we had to dig through our bags and get our warm sweaters to put on. After finally crossing into the Colorado state border we were in Denver before long. After fueling up in Denver, where we noticed an increase in gas prices, we began our final ascent into the mountain passes.When driving towards the mountains I opened up a window and a gush of clean, fresh air was unlike the polluted smell of air in Houston. There was ice and snow all over everything as we began to increase altitude. Since I lived in Alaska as a boy and still visit there, I felt confident driving on the icy and slippery roads. All of my friends felt much more relaxed while I was driving along the steep icy sections of the mountain passes. When we arrived in Breckinridge after 22 long and exhausting hours of driving, we were ready to explore the small cozy town. First stop was the Breckinridge Brewery and Restaurant. We all got something to eat and drink before checking into our condo. We drove across town in search for the check-in building, which seemed to be nowhere insight. Finally we spotted the hidden building with no visible sign. After picking up our keys we began to drive up the side of Breckinridge Mountain in hunt for our condo. Once we found it, the picture-like view was astonishing to us all. Looking down, Breckinridge was packed with small buildings and shops with bright white snow cascading over the rooftops. The pine trees around us were also full of snow; between every limb and every needle were mounds of snow. Quietness was in the fresh air; occasionally the rumbling of falling snow would break the solitude. Once we all fell out of our daze of peacefulness we began to unpack the trucks. The...

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