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Every summer, for as far back as I can remember, my family has taken a long journey to North Dakota to visit relatives. Did we ever fly? No, that would be too easy! Instead we took our old van - and when I say old, I mean ancient. This van is as old as I am. Anyway, on this particular trip we packed our luggage in the back and set off at our usual time: 4 a.m. Yeah, I know what you're wondering. How did I ever wake up at that hour? Easy. I never went to sleep. I stayed up, lying awake in my bed, drinking soda. You get to the point that you're so tired that both your eyes are twitching and it feels like you're constantly blinking. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you'll have to try it sometime. I believe it's something everyone should experience at least once. Back to my story. So I wake up somewhere near Cheyenne, Wyoming. If you've ever been there, you know the entire state is a giant prairie. I have this taste in my mouth: dragon breath. You can't smell it because your senses aren't exactly top-notch when you wake up. My older brother always rode in the back of the van. It wasn't because he was neglected or anything; it was because my sister and I were clever enough to claim we couldn't sit in the back because of motion sickness. Actually, my sister did get motion sick occasionally. I, on the other hand, was a first-class bluffer. Andre, my brother, had to squeeze into the back. We're the type of people who, when we go on a trip,...

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943 words - 4 pages circulation within downtown by redesigning part of the road network, and providing a more balanced and diverse means of transportation. (see Appendix 1)In the transit plan the goal is to improve transit service for trips within and trips to and from downtown. One of the ways of to encourage the use of transit is to create more reasonable fare structure for short trips without the metropolitan core. Rapid Transit line between Vancouver and Richmond is also

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641 words - 3 pages Lance Baker Engl. 1 Ms. Humphries March 4,2001 Road Rage These days, cars are necessary for everyday living. They take us where we need to go. They are the method of transportation for everyday traveling. Road rage is an increasing problem in America. Incidents of violent driving have been rising for many years now. Many people identify themselves by the car they drive, because of this; road rage is only increased. Potential problems should try

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2325 words - 9 pages as traffic speed or road capacity). For example, an elasticity of -0.5 for vehicle use with respect to vehicle operating expenses means that each 1% increase in these expenses results in a 0.5% reduction in vehicle mileage or trips. Similarly, transit service elasticity is defined as the percentage change in transit rider ship resulting from each 1% change in transit service, such as bus-miles or frequency. A negative sign indicates that the

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1108 words - 4 pages , our vehicles radio system, and our handy GPS units. It is not very uncommon to spot one, if not all, of these devices in somebody’s car nowadays. We rely heavily on our technologies to make it easier for us to communicate with our loved ones, to route us to our destination, and to keep us alert and entertained on our long road trips. Rarely, though, do we consider any of these acts to be a hazard to ourselves or to others. Although the

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729 words - 3 pages time to get there! The shopping bike is not our only bike. We have lighter fast road bikes and comfortable cruisers to commute to our other destinations. A lightweight rear rack over the back wheel on each of our bikes means that we can stop by a store on our way home without hardship. It's pretty easy to get started in a car-light life-style. First, take a look at your local infrastructure. Note how many of your car trips are just to a local

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3125 words - 13 pages , even with the problems related to the global economic slowdown and terrorism, travellers are still willing to travel more. However, the pattern has changed a little. Many European countries have observed increases in domestic tourism, more travel within the same region, more travel by road and rail, more individual trips, more direct booking, and an increased use of low-cost airlines. Some of these changes are probably temporary, but others may be

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628 words - 3 pages expect my mom to be close to tisk and say, "What kind of a lazy daughter are you? What would people say if they were to see the oldest daughter in this state?" Public image is very important to them.My brother, on the other hand, was always out doing something. Be it road trips, camping trips, playing pool--he was just always out. If he was ever home at all, I can only recall him either sprawled out on the couch in from of the TV or on the phone

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1383 words - 6 pages Dear Mr. Mike Tharp,I am responding to your editorial in the New York Times about road rage.[I'm sure their have been many times where drivers have been caught in the middle of road rage.] I myself have been caught up in it too. It was the 14 of June 2003 and I was driving north on the saw-grass expressway when a black, dark tinted, two door truck began tailgating me. I began to speed up to avoid him getting closer. Granted the speed limit was

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518 words - 2 pages weird look with one eye brow up and I immediately reacted as if I didn’t mean what I just said and acted surprised with the words that came out of my mouth.I shrugged my shoulders and threw my hands up. “Sorry,” I said so innocently.“So where are we going Jay?”“Kansas City baby!”“Tight! Didn’t we go there like three, four years back?” I asked, but didn’t really care. I love road trips to Kansas

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Road Trips Essay

559 words - 2 pages first-class bluffer. Andre, my brother, had to squeeze into the back. We're the type of people who, when we go on a trip, take everything. Yup: blankets, clothes, pillows, cosmetics, household cookware, appliances. So Andre had to ride the entire time in a fetal position. He hated these trips, and I think it was probably because of this unfortunate seating arrangement. His solution: Dramamine. Andre doesn't get motion sick; rather, he used them as

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1340 words - 5 pages cycles. The on road velocity profile is taken as the input for the MATLAB code. Parameters like acceleration and rate of acceleration were found out. Reference values were set for velocity and acceleration to distinguish accelerating, decelerating, idling and cruising intervals. The interval (profile) between two consecutive idling periods was identified as a micro-trip. The condensed cycle was created by combining selected micro trips

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646 words - 3 pages species (Carya), beech species (Fagus), and maple (Acer) species (Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network, 2007). Our study was centered along two roads: Anchorage Road (N 38°37'42.48”, W 77°11'29.99") and Sycamore Road (N 38°38'15.29”, W 77°10'6.74") (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2013) . We observed 67 plots, 40 along Anchorage Road and 27 along Sycamore Road. Procedure Our plots were staked with a PVC pipe 22 meters from either Anchorage or Sycamore