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Roald Dahl's Use Of Tone For Character Development: An Outline

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Final Outline
Topic: How and why Roald Dahl uses tone to reveal more about the characters?
Thesis: In Roald Dahl's "Lamb to the Slaughter" the use of tone is comprehensively to show the real lamb of the story, Patrick.
I. Introduction Paragraph
A.Introduction Strategy = synopsis of how humans encounter too many struggles and if not bottled up it can lead to conflicts
B. Introduce "Lamb to the Slaughter" and Roald Dahl
1.Provide background information about the basic plot - Patrick divorces Mary for another woman, and Mary gets mad so she slaughters Patrick with a leg of lamb.
C. Thesis Statement - In Roald Dahl's "Lamb to the Slaughter" the use of tone is comprehensively to show the many conflicts that occur.
II. Dark Tone - Mary takes Patrick’s divorce to seriously and goes to far
A. Primary Source Quote about Mary killing Patrick
1. Quote - Patrick falls as Mary strikes him like “ a steel club… on the back of his head” (Dahl 2).
2. Analysis - The strength of which Mary strikes Patrick represents the amount of anger she has for Patrick. Mary never likes Patrick from the beginning.
B. Secondary Source Quote about Patrick being innocent
1. Quote - As Thomas Bertonneau says, “... no matter how much he corresponds to stereotype of the male betrayer of women, Patrick does not deserve to die” (132).
2. Analysis - Bertonneau agrees that Patrick does not deserve to die and that he has done nothing too extreme to Mary.
III. Ironic Tone - Mary is seen as the lamb but Patrick is the real lamb
A. Primary Source
1. Quote -
2. Analysis -
B. Secondary Source Quote about Patrick being real lamb
1. Quote - “The lamb of our best nature must always keep a wary eye out for the slaughtering beast” (Bertonneau 134).
2. Analysis - Thomas Bertonneau explains how Patrick should have kept an eye out for the slaughtering beast, Mary. Roald Dahl tricks the reader in the beginning making Mary look like the lamb.
IV. Tragic Tone - Mary getting divorced and how it later affects her, killing Patrick
A. Primary Source Quote about Mary getting divorced
1. Quote - "Her first instinct was not to believe any of it... perhaps he hadn't even spoken, that she was imagining the...

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