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Roanoke: The Lost Colony Essay

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Roanoke Island: The Lost Colony
The Colony of Roanoke was the first English settlement in the New World, an opportunity for those seeking a better life, wealth, and religious freedom. After several attempts at settling in America, and with assistance from the indigenous people to Roanoke, a resilient colony was formed. When John White, an artist as well as an early pioneer of America, returned to America from getting supplies from England, The colonists had disappeared. Throughout many years, three dominant theories have emerged.
Queen Elizabeth of England, desired land in the New World, and therefore gave Sir Walter Raleigh a patent to claim land for England. However, the Queen did not allow Raleigh to go to the New World, because at the time there was danger of war between Spain and England, and the Queen needed Raleigh’s help. The Queen had given Raleigh land in Ireland, as well as money from taxes collected on the sale of wool and wine, which he used to money to fund the voyage. Two small boats left England with two captains, Philip Armados and Arthur Barlowe, and a navigator, Simon Fernando, and the colonists. Raleigh instructed the colonists to find a good place to settle, and trade with the indigenous people. The colonists were a few brave men, who came to the New World predominantly in quest of power or respect. When the colonist arrived in America, they claimed a large portion of the East Coast, and named this land Virginia.
The affable Croatoan tribe, with whom they quickly became friends, helped the colonists pick a location to settle in, that is on Roanoke island. They started building houses, and planting crops with dreams of becoming happier, more successful, and wealthier people. Arthur Barlowe, along with Wanchese and Manteo ( two friendly indigenous people), went back to England to report their findings.
Living on Roanoke island was a constant struggle. The atmosphere was very dreary and tedious. All the men missed their families as well.The colonists were soldiers, not farmers, and despite the assistance from the friendly indigenous people, it was hard to maintain crops with sufficient amounts of food. Soon after, Sir Francis Drake reached Roanoke, and the colonists boarded his ship and went back to England with him.
A few people back in England still believed that America would be a great place to start a colony. During may of the year 1587, 114 people returned to America, with mostly the same goals: becoming wealthy, because they were unemployed, or for freedom to exercise their...

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