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Comparative EssayBeing mayor of the fourth largest city isn't easy; the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has experienced this the hard way. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the mayor of Toronto and whether or not he should remain the mayor. This essay will revolve around two pieces of writing involving Rob Ford. The first piece of writing is a speech by Rob Ford that was given on June 30, 2014 at City Hall, Toronto. The speech was targeted towards the residents of Toronto and was given to show that the mayor was sorry for his actions. The second piece of writing is an editorial by The Globe and Mail, which was written January 21, 2014. The editorial states the many reasons why Rob Ford should not be mayor; it mainly targets people who also feel that Rob Ford should not be mayor. Both of these pieces of writing's are equally effective of reaching their audience. This statement will be supported by comparing the appeals, the tone and the rhetorical devices that were used in both pieces of writing.Firstly, appeals are used in both pieces of writing however the main appeals in the two pieces are different. In Rob Ford's speech the reader can tell that he is using pathos to tap into reader's emotions. In the editorial the writer was mainly using logos to support his reasons to why Rob Ford should not be mayor. For example "I want to apologize, not just to the people of Toronto but to everyone who was hurt by my words and my actions. It was never my intention to embarrass the city or offend my fellow members of council. I deeply regret some of the personal choices I have made." (Rob Ford). Using pathos can help the writer more adequately figure out the emotional response of their audience. While reading his speech he uses pathos to appeal to the values of the readers. The quote is a major influence to the audience because it makes the people feel sorry for Rob Ford and it can lead to people being more compassionate towards him. This quote carries out its purpose to appeal to emotions. In the editorial the writer mostly uses logos. For example "After months of denial, and once a video of him smoking crack surfaced, he finally admitted to being a drug user." (Globe). This is a clear example of logos due to the fact that the writer is using evidence to further his reason on why Rob Ford is not fit for mayor. The influence this has on readers is it convinces the readers logically that Rob Ford should not be mayor. This quote helps persuade people to go against Ford which accomplishes its objective to reach its audience.These two pieces of writings have totally different tones that help the writer reach their audiences in an effective way. When reading Rob Ford's speech you can identify that the tone is passionate and affectionate. When reading the editorial you can determine it has a...

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