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Rob Ford In The Media Essay

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Rob Ford in the media
Rob Ford has been in the spotlight of Canadian media ever since the allegations have surfaced about a video of the Toronto Mayor smoking crack cocaine. This story gained international attention while even drawing on the Mayor for comic relief. American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, along with Canadian newspapers, The Globe and Mail and Toronto Sun each have a unique target audience whom they are writing for. As a result of the intended audience each newspaper includes diction and style relevant for the target audience.
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, “‘Ford Nation’ Sticks by Toronto Mayor, So Far”, written by Ben Dummett, summarizes the current Rob Ford ...view middle of the document...

Or another example of the diction used is, “scion and inured, ” words not commonly used in daily conversation.
WSJ also uses facts and research to give credibility to their article, a feature that the well educated and business professionals would expect for when seeking a media outlet to trust. For example, Dummett discusses why the wealthy downtown core of Trinity-Spadina is more likely to be opposed to Fords political views while suburban individuals in Etobicoke North are more inclined to be in favour of Ford and his proclivity to save Toronto money. This argument is backed up with facts showing how income correlates to political decline or continued support of Ford in the city of Toronto. The income and population data came from Statistics Canada 2011 Census, a trustworthy source. Secondly, the political support data came from Ipsos, a recognizable Canadian Market Research Company which business professional in the US have most likely heard of being in the business environment. Lastly, the article gives credibility by using a local professor, Richard Florida, an urban-studies expert and director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Managment, an internationally acknowledged university to support views of Ford here in Toronto.
The article in the Globe and Mail, “New video of ‘extremely inebriated’ Toronto Mayor Rob Ford surfaces” written by Jill Mahooney and Kaleigh Rogers, discusses a new video of Ford, which shows the Mayor ranting, yelling and displaying angry threatening remarks. The article goes on to discuses the origins of the video, and the Mayor’s response to the public concern for the Mayors consistently poor actions (Mahoney & Rogers). According to Phillip Crawley, publisher and chief executive of The Globe and Mail, the newspaper is most interested in individuals who earn more than $100 000 a year (Baluia). Individuals in that income bracket are more likely to be educated professionals who similarly to the WSJ are looking for a credible media outlet. In the Globe article the diction used is formal, yet not so...

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