Robert Borden A Leader Of Men?

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A man can be portrayed as a hero or a villain despite the same facts provided, but one man, through adversity and controversy took on the role of leader of Canada and united the country to fight for a common goal: The downfall of Germany. Borden was persistent and loyal to Great Britain. Through his commitment and undying loyalty to Great Britain, Borden steered Canada right onto the path of independence. A successful economy, the gaining of rights to women and the introduction of conscription, serve as some examples to establish Sir Robert Laird Borden as one of the greatest leaders in Canadian history.Financing a war costs a great deal and can be quite a strain on the government and economy. During 1918, the cost of war for Canada surpassed $1 million a day. However, the Canadian economy was quite successful during the war. Canadian farms were very prosperous since the war isolated much of Europe's agriculture. This demand for Canadian agriculture played an important role in improving the economy. Victory bonds were also introduced to the citizens. It was a way of supporting the war by lending money to the government who promised to return the money with interest. The Canadian economy was very prosperous especially after Borden established the income tax; a supposedly temporary measure to finance the war. Sam Hughes, the current militia minister, was able to recruit many soldiers in a short period of time to lessen the pressure put on the British and French soldiers. He also set up many training camps where allied soldiers were trained to become air and ground specialists. The success of the economy, boosted Canadian morale which in return benefited Canadians during the war.In order for an economy to be successful, everyone must pull their weight, act responsibly and be aware of their role in society. Prior to the war, a woman's place in society was in the house, taking care of the house and children while the men were out at work. Borden quickly recognized the shortage of men during the war and allowed women to take on the roles of men. Due to the lack of men in the community, women had a chance to shine and prove that they were equals. It wasn't a dramatic change, but it would provide a foothold for women, when Robert Borden passed The Wartime Elections Act, allowing female...

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