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Robert Downey Jr Abuse On Drugs

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Celebrity Abuse of DrugsBreaking the Addiction CycleThe purpose of this paper is to discuss the addictions and drug use faced by Robert Downey Jr., and discusses the effects these abuses had on Downey Jr. and his career. The paper will also analyze alternative courses Downey could have taken, and propose potential advice for Jr.Robert Downey Jr. purportedly began using drugs at just eight years old, when his father began dispersing drugs to the child. This is not uncommon among young child stars that face much pressure and often grow up in homes where drug abuse and addictions are common. It was not until the age of 22 however, that Downey would first enter a drug rehabilitation facility for cocaine and heroin abuse. Many of his first films during this time, approximately during the late 80s and early 90s won much acclaim, even Academy Award nominations. During the late 90s Downey again had to undergo rehabilitation; he was cited for drug abuse including marijuana and also alcohol intoxicationThe effects of drug use are many. In Downey Jr.'s case, among the more obvious effects include abnormal behavior. Downey had to spend some time in jail because of possession of weapon charges, something he may not have been charged with had he not been under the influence of drugs. He also was cited for wandering into a stranger's house and passing out on a child's bed. Downey was also caught with cocaine and methamphetamines in his blood in 2001. Downey was supposed to fly to Japan in 2008 to see the opening of Iron Man, but was detained because his passport showed he was linked to "incredible criminal activity." This is just one of the many visible effects drug activity can have on a person's reputation. At this point in time he is never allowed to go to Japan again, although after six hours of detention he was eventually allowed to see the opening of the show.Apart from public humiliation, there are many physical effects of drug intoxication and addiction on the body. What many people fail to realize is that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease (Deans, 1997) and that most people do not stop until they hit the bottom, believing they will not survive unless they get help. Many survive "long enough to have sudden, radical, change in orientation, or spiritual awakening" where they realize they cannot trust the conscious ability to direct their own behavior (Deans, 1997). To accomplish this, a person like Downey must admit defeat, and in the case of many 12-step programs, they must ask God for help, even if the addict is an atheist or agnostic. What this requires is turning to others and admitting they have a problem.Addiction is a mental disorder that convinces the afflicted that the problem rests with others and not the self; this is often referred to as denial and is not really a conscious act (Deans, 1997). In the case of Downey, he was introduced to the world of addiction when he was just a child of 8. Addictions often run on auto-pilot, engaging in...

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