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IntroductionFew episodes in history are more painful to Americans than the CivilWar, fought between the North and the South. This biography, GreatAmerican Generals - Robert E. Lee, by Ian Hogg, takes the reader throughthe life of one of the greatest heroes of that war, Robert E. Lee. It is athorough, in depth record of the life of Lee and begins with a detailed accountof his family history and his birth, through his college years, militaryexperience and his work in later life to his death on October 12, 1870. Thefirst few pages set the scene by listing a substantial amount of facts about thenames and backgrounds of his parents Harry and Ann and Lee's wife, MaryCustis, with some reference to his father's army career and political life.After Lee's early years, the reader will learn of his schooling at the MilitaryAcademy, West Point, followed by his life in the Army before and after theCivil War. The biography ends in the latter pages with an account of hiswork after his military career came to an end, and finally, with his death aftera prolonged period of ill-health, thought to be stress induced.Author Ian Hogg is a prolific writer in the field of defense and militarytechnology. He is a weapons expert, having written many books on all typesof rifles, shotguns and small arms, such as Modern Rifles, Shotguns andPistols, and Modern Small Arms. He is an acknowledged expert on infantryweapons and is thought to be the world's leading expert on this and artillerystrategies. He is a well known author of military history, and works as aweapons evaluator in addition to his writing.Robert E. Lee was born in Stratford, Virginia on January 19, 1807.His father, Henry Lee, had achieved fame with Washington's army as'Lighthorse Harry,'and it was a fame that rested not only on his cavalryexploits but upon sound strategic and tactical ability. A significant portion ofhis fame was credited to him for beating off a surprise British attack at SpreadEagle Tavern in January, 1778. Unfortunately Harry was egotisticaland had a high opinion of his own abilities. Although he achieved the rank oflieutenant-colonel, he felt that he deserved more. When the war ended and hehad not advanced in rank he resigned from the army to pursue a career inpolitics. Henry decided to run for the position of governor. He was electedGovernor of Virginia for three terms. Retiring, as was then customary inVirginia, on the expiration of his third term, Henry Lee was enough in thepublic eye to be considered as a possible successor to Washington. He was,however, a poor manager of his affairs, and was constantly dodging hiscreditors, providing very little of substance for his family. He was a waster,with no thought for their welfare. A man with no sense of responsibility tohis affairs, Henry Lee eventually ended up in jail for a year for non-paymentof his debts. Upon his release, he spent every waking moment writing hismemoirs, with no regard for his family at all.Lee's mother was Ann Carter Lee,...

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Robert E. Lee Essay

1112 words - 4 pages Robert E. Lee In 1861, on the eve of civil war, President Abraham Lincoln tapped I, Robert E. Lee to take command of the United States Army. being The fifty-five year old silver-haired veteran that had graduated second in my class at West Point, served valiantly during the Mexican War under General Winfield Scott, and had, with his forces, put down the insurrection at Harper’s Ferry, capturing abolitionist John Brown. By all accounts, i was

Robert E. Lee Essay

564 words - 2 pages It starts when General Robert E. Lee takes command and after the second battle of Bull Run. Lee has won seven days. The battle of Manasses and he is wanting to invade the north. One of his motives for this is that he wants to get the fighting out of the war-torn state of Virginia and enter a campaign into the north to interrupt the north's supply lines. This campaign was considered to be the south's best chance to invade the north. This campaign

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Robert E. Lee

1030 words - 4 pages transportation facilities doomed them to defeat (McPherson 25).      The Army of the Potomac, under the Union general George Gordon Meade, numbered about 85,000; the Confederate army, under General Robert E. Lee, numbered about 75,000 (Johnson 90). After the Battle of Chancellorsville on May 2 to 4, an important victory for the Confederates, Lee divided his army into three corps, commanded by three lieutenant generals

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2460 words - 10 pages General Robert E. Lee was not only a great man, but also one of the greatest military leaders in American history. He led brother against brother, and he did it all for his home state of Virginia. Not because he agreed with all the politics of the South, but he loved where he had grown up and where his ancestors started in America.Robert E. Lee was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on January 19th, 1807. He was the third son of Henry "Light

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828 words - 3 pages Robert E. Lee was the best General for the South, and out smarted every Union General that was put against him. To The South, Lee is like a godly figure to them. He inspired The South even when the North controlled the battlefield, and is still thought highly of by some people in the confederate states. To the North, Lee was a traitor and even lost his citizenship. Although he lost, Lee is still a giant face in history. Lee was born in

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799 words - 3 pages mountains and standing off against the Yankees forever. Such visits greatly affected Lee, the man who showed now outward emotion during Appomattox.That month Lee didn't merely loose his army. He lost his position, his property, and his profession as well.The well-planned life of Robert E. Lee was frequently shaped by the unpredictable and accidental. It was in the summer of 1865 that Lee was summoned that he had been chosen to serve as president

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1889 words - 8 pages Lee, Robert E. (Edward) 1807 -- 1870 General in chief of the Confederate armies in the American Civil War. Born in Virginia's Westmoreland County on January 19, 1807, the third son of Henry ("Light Horse Harry") and Ann Hill Carter Lee. Declining fortunes forced the family's removal to Alexandria, where Robert distinguished himself in local schools. His father's death in 1811 increased responsibilities on all the sons; Robert, especially

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781 words - 3 pages No matter how much something can differ some characteristics are shared. As strange as it sounds it’s very true, both Grant and Lee are two different yet similar people. As these two fights for what they believe in, though their beliefs are different they share some qualities. Ulysses S. Grant wanted the nation to expand and look forward towards the future. Robert E. Lee thought that an old aristocratic way of life was the better choice and

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1276 words - 6 pages finical income. Also, with the new territories arriving, and states forming, the tension increased between states that allowed slavery and states that didn’t allow slavery. Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Union during the Civil war, and he brought the Civil war to an end. Robert E. Lee fought on the Confederate side and was a general, yet, he did not agree with the reasoning or the idea of the secession but kept true to his loyalty to his

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554 words - 2 pages newspaper called the Brooklyn Eagle.On the other hand was Robert E. Lee, a general for the Confederate army. Gracefully accepting defeat on April 9th, 1865, he hoped for the United States to become one and slowly heal. He expressed his opinions in many letters written to his family. In a letter to his son in 1861, he voiced his hope for union and resolution of the North and South. He stated, "I can anticipate no greater calamity for the country than a

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Robert E Lee Essay

1217 words - 5 pages Robert E. Lee has been regarded by many historians as one of the greatest American generals and military engineers in U.S. history. He revolutionized the tactic of trench warfare that would be widely used in World War I. Also, Lee was able to defeat much larger Union armies with command of a much smaller force of troops using astute military tactics and strategies. Robert Edward Lee was born on January 19, 1807 in Stratford, Virginia to

Robert E. Lee Essay

935 words - 4 pages Robert Edward LeeRobert E. Lee is not only one of the most studied men from the Civil War era, but he is also one of the most honorable. He was a true role model; he did not curse, drink, or swear, he was extremely intelligent, and was a great military leader. As a general he was aggressive, and that may have been his downfall in his reign as General and advisor the Confederate president Jefferson Davis in the Civil War.Lee was born in Stratford

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1011 words - 4 pages Robert E. Lee, who was considered to be the greatest soldier fighting for the Confederate States of America, descended from a long line of famous heroes. Many of Lee's ancestors played important roles in America's history. His father was a Revolutionary War hero and a friend of George Washington. He was often referred to as Light Horse Harry Lee. Lee was born on January 19, 1807 in Stratford, Virginia. Lee always admired Washington, and was his

Robert E. Lee Essay

3388 words - 14 pages of thatwar, Robert E. Lee. It is a thorough, in depth record of the life of Lee and begins with adetailed account of his family history and his birth, through his college years, militaryexperience and his work in later life to his death on October 12, 1870. The first few pagesset the scene by listing a substantial amount of facts about the names and backgrounds ofhis parents Harry and Ann and Lee's wife, Mary Custis, with some reference to his