Robert F ("Bobby") Kennedy. Includes A Poem On R.Kennedy By Ron Wilson

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Robert Francis ("Bobby") KennedyRobert F. Kennedy was born in 1925 in Brookline Massachusetts , and wasraised with traditional family values. He was a true patriot, with a strongsense of nationalism. While Attending Harvard University, he saw that hiscountry needed his help, so he put his undergraduate studies on hold toserve his country's Navy in World War II. When he returned home, hefinished his Bachelor's degree at Harvard, and received an LL.B. from theuniversity of Virginia Law. In 1951 he served as Attorney to the U.S.Department of Jjustice, but in 1952 he resigned to manage his brotherJohn's senatorial campaign.In 1953, he served as assistant counsel under Senator JosephMcCarthy's permanent investigators subcommittee. He resigned in 1956because he didn't agree with all of Senator McCarthy's ideas and methods.He then in 1957 was elected to be chief council for the Senate Rackets'committee. During that time he exposed mofia figureheads such as JimmyHoffa and Dave Beck. He seemed to be obsessed with dismantling theMofia. Under his brother's administration, he continued his attack on theMofia. Robert Kennedy had no sympathy for the mob, nor did he care thathe was being criticized by the media for his "harsh measures" such as hisextensive use of wiretaps .In 1964 he resigned as Attorney General to subsequently gain a Senateseat from New York. While being a Senator, his views on governmentslightly changed. He was now paying more attention to the needs of thepoor minorities, and was criticizing the involvement of the United States inthe Vietnam War.In March of 1968, he announced that he would be running forPresident on the Democratic ticket. His charismatic personality appealed tovoters of all ethnic backgrounds and ages. This helped him to win theprimaries in Indiana, Nebraska, and California. On the day when he wonthe California primary, he was leaving a victory celebration when animmigrant from Jordan by the name of Sirhan B. Sirhan fatally shotKennedy. The assassin was arrested at the scene and later convicted ofmurder in the first degree. The next day Kennedy died in a hospital bedwith his widow Ethel at his side. He was buried in Arlington NationalCemetery, close to his brother John who also fell victim to assassinationfive years earlier.Robert Kennedy is alive through his eleven children, the last one being bornafter his father's death.Robert F. Kennedy, if not for his premature death, possibly couldhave led this country through a new era. He could have...

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