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Robert Lee Frost was born March 26th 1874 in San Francisco California. He was born to parents William Prescott Frost and Isabelle Moodie. His father was a teacher and later an editor of the San Francisco Evening Bulletin, which later merged with the San Francisco Examiner, following his death on May 5, 1885, the family uprooted and moved across the country to Lawrence, Massachusetts with ‘Robert’s’ Grandfather.
After graduating from Lawrence High School in 1892, Robert attended Dartmouth College for two months, long enough to be accepted into the Theta Delta Chi fraternity. He then moved back home to take on several different jobs. He helped his mother teach her class, delivered ...view middle of the document...

His first book of poetry, A Boys Will, was published the following year. He befriended many others that would be important people in his life, including Edward Thomas and Ezra Pound.
In 1915 as WW1 began, Frost and his family returned to America, purchasing a small farm in New Hampshire. At this farm Frost began a career of teaching, writing, and lecturing. The farm served as the family's summer home until 1938 and is still standing today as a museum call The Frost Place.
For many years Frost served as an english teacher at many different schools. Including forty two years at the Breadloaf School of English of Middlebury College. He accepted a fellowship teaching post at the University of Michigan, until 1927 when he returned to teach at Amherst, where he taught off and on for many years.
Although Frost never actually graduated college he received over forty honorary degrees. His degrees come from schools including Princeton, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities. He was also the only person to ever receive two honorary degrees from Dartmouth. During his lifetime, two schools and the main library of Amherst College were named after him.
Robert’s life was plagued with grief and loss. His father died when he was young leaving he and his family with only eight dollars. His mother died of cancer in 1900 and his father had passed due to Tuberculosis. Mental illness was also a recurring problem in his life, he was forced to check his sister into a mental hospital where she died nine years later. He and his mother both suffered from depression and his wife also experienced bouts of depression.
Frost had six children in his lifetime. None of the six however would be able to carry on his name due to young death in all six of them. The oldest living until 1967 while in a mental hospital. He seemed to have a life filled with loss including the death of his wife in 1938 due to heart failure.
Frost was praised for his style of writing, writing about ordinary people and real life situations. He was known for his honesty and seriousness in his poetry. Poet/Critic Randall Jarrell wrote “Robert Frost, along with Stevens and Eliot, seems to me the greatest of the American poets of this century. Frost's virtues are extraordinary. No other living poet has written so well about the actions of ordinary men; his wonderful dramatic monologues or dramatic scenes come out of a knowledge of people that few poets have had, and they are written in a verse that uses, sometimes with absolute mastery, the rhythms of actual speech.”(wikipedia)
Robert Frost’s poetry was very well known and influential, and had an impact on many writers and continues to influence writers still today. He was a very decorated writer and recieved many awards for his works. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in:1924 for New Hampshire: A Poem With Notes and Grace Notes, 1931 for Collective Poems, 1937 for A Further Range, and 1943 for A Witness Tree....

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