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Robert Frost, A Great Poet Is The Title Of This Essay.

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A Great PoetRobert Frost is one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. The ease of reading and the simple language of his poetry are the reason that his poetry is studied by nearly all students of literature today. Unlike a lot of poetry that must be dissected and interpreted to gain an understanding of its inner meaning, Frost uses scenes from nature that are easily recognizable to nearly everyone to convey his messages. Although there are those that do not consider Frost as a classical poet, claiming that his style is too simple and average making it sentimental, saying "The human average has never been admirable..., and that is why literature which glorifies the average is sentimental rather than classical" (Winters). However, it is hard to argue that he is not a classical poet when many of his poems "have mattered to millions of readers" (Schilb and Clifford 105). Whether Frost is considered to be a classic poet or not is simply a matter of opinion.Born in San Francisco California, March 26, 1874. At the age of eleven his father died and his family moved east. Frost's mother, being a teacher, did quite a lot of home teaching to her children. As one historian writesshe filled his early years with Shakespeare, Bible stories, and myths, was reading aloud from Tom Brown's School Days, Burns, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wordsworth, and Percy's Reliques. Before long he was memorizing poetry and reading books on his own. (Burnshaw)This early introduction to literature was the key for his future success. While attending high school, Frost continued to read and study the classic writers and began writing his own poetry. His poem "La Noche Triste" appeared in the high school Bulletin. At twenty he sold his first poem, "My Butterfly: An Elegy", to a New York magazine, The Independent for fifteen dollars. He now believed that he could make a decent living as a poet, but this would not materialize until 1912, when he moved to England and dedicated all of his time to writing poetry. He worked hard at establishing contacts with influential people who would further his career as a poet and his work paid off when his first two book were published called A Boy's Will and North Of Boston. With the success of these two full-length collections, his fame and honors rapidly increased. He was finally starting to lay claim to being known as a great poet. Frost continued to write and publish more poetry for many more...

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