Robert Frost And His Literary Devices

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Authors throughout time have used many different literary devices to bring their stories to life. Stories capture the attention of people through communicating the author’s either personal experiences or otherwise completely imaginary scenarios. Some authors use their talent to the very best of their ability and successfully engage the reader and explain thoroughly the significance in what they are attempting to portray through different literary devices, such as personification. Robert Frost is a prime example of one of these authors. Frost uses personification in quite a few of his poems to bring his work to life. He not only used personification to show his opinions and personal experiences, but he also used symbolism in many different poems. Robert Frost was an intelligent, talented, and sagacious poet whose feelings and opinions were expressed through his art of poetry.
Time Period Influence
Frost is most commonly known for his poems that reflect the time period in which he is writing in. The three major events that are shown in his writing are World War I, World War II, and President Kennedy’s inauguration. During World War I, a couple of Frost’s friends were drafted into the army; knowing their possible fate Frost wrote not only about the two, but also about the terrors of being out in war. In The Road Not Taken, he uses the two roads as symbols reflecting the “angst of making his choices, which could potentially cause him life or death” (The World War I Connection). Not to Keep is a second well-known poem that describes the general impact that World War I had on the common housewife of a veteran. This poem displays great contempt the woman feels, although she knows that her husband is back, she also knows that it is only temporary. This happened often during the war, the men would return back home, but would not be officially discharged.
World War I was an especially impacting time period for Frost, being that he had a pair of friends who were sent to war; one died in combat. As soon as World War I began in Europe, he returned to America in an attempt of avoiding it. This is where he began his career as a writer, lecturer, and teacher.
Life Influence
A number of Frost’s poems either subtly or unpretentiously show facts from his own personal life. The Road Not Taken is a prime example of his personal life slipping into his work. In it, as stated before, his friend is sent off to war and is faced with two roads in which he must choose which to pick knowing that, either way, he will regret choosing one and not the other. Frost lived through both World Wars and wrote many poems reflecting major events in both as well. For example, in A Soldier, “is about a soldier lying, dead, on the field symbolized by a lance on the floor. He also criticizes what was wrong in the poem” (Rediscovering the War Thoughts of Robert Frost). The influence of World War I and the soldiers that were constantly dying, all for different causes, on Frost was great...

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