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Robert Frost: Writer Of Strength And Reality

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Robert Frost: Writer of Strength and Reality Robert Frost's poems may be so popular because of the subtle wit of his language and the broad humor that he uses in his poetry. His poems stand alone by virtue of their own strength. Frost kept his works traditional by using rhyme and meter or iambic pentameter. By creating poetry that followed the traditional form, Frost captured a very broad audience who admired and praised his works.Setting plays a very significant role in Frost's poetry. His works tend to take place outdoors. Frost was born in a city environment, San Francisco to be exact, and grew up there until his father's death when Robert was eleven years old. Shortly after his mother moved them to the country in New England. His experience as a farmer while growing into a man in New England has provided the setting for many of his works. Not all of Frost's poetry was positive, in his early poetry there was a lot of negative emotion. His family life was unhappy and tragic, but with time as Frost got older his poetry became to show a positive angle.Many readers enjoy Frost's poetry because it is easy to understand and some people can relate to his words. A dominant theme in my opinion that Frost puts forward in his work is life, and the decisions that one makes in order to live freely. Frost's poem, The Road Not Taken, is about making life decisions. Everyone at least once in his or her life has come to the fork in the road of life and was forced to make the big decision of which road to take. The decision is a big one and shouldn't be taken lightly; it does effect where the rest of life will end up. The future is impossible to see and one must take a chance, try to make the best decision and take that first step down the road of choice. One road my lead to a straight and easy path, and the other may lead to tough hill to climb or perhaps lead to a cliff that drops for miles, or one of them may lead to another fork where another selection must be made. There's no way to know what may lie ahead, the only way to know is to just pick a route, start walking and find out.The poem, Birches, is another great poem about opting to live life in a carefree manner. He writes of a young boy playing alone among all the trees, climbing them and swinging on the branches and around the bent trunks. He misses being a carefree child, and wishes to return to that innocent childhood. He sees the birch tree as a "getaway" from everyday life. The tree is a passage away from earth to a place like heaven. However, the further he climbs, the more the tree...

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