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Robert Frost Poems Comparative Essay The Sound Of The Trees And Tree At My Window

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In The Sound of the Trees and Tree at my Window, Robert Frost employs structure and imagery to show how observing a tree inspires though in the narrator's. In The Sound of the Trees, the narrator contrasts his own experience and his way of seeing the world with an imagined way of how the tree experiences the world. However, all the imagining happens solely in the narrators' mind. Similarly, in Tree at my Window, the narrator observes a tree and responds to it by understanding their role in the universe. Ultimately, in both poems, the observation of a tree triggers the narrators reflect on their own experiences and by extension, our experiences as humans.

In The Sound of the Trees, Frost structures the poem in four distinct sections and this is crucial to understand the contrast between human fixity and the trees' breadth of time. In the first line, "I wonder about trees", the subject is "I" or the narrator, and the object is the "[tree]", which the narrator takes as an inspiration. In the following line, the narrator expands this "I wonder" into "we…bear", when he feels a sense of connection to the readers. The narrator assumes that he shares the burden of listening to the "noise" of the trees with other humans. In these first three lines, the narrator establishes the idea that he, like others accept the many trees around us and the trees' role in precisely reminding us of our morality. The narrator refers to "dwelling place" (5), which suggest that we as humans dwell on earth for the short time that we have to live. While we dwell, we choose not to control parts of the space around us even though they remind us of mortality.

In the first section, the narrator questions the presence of trees, while in the second section, the narrator shows understanding of how the tree directly relates to him and in some cases controls his actions. The section begins in line 6 and ends as a complete sentence in line 14. The extension of his sentence corresponds to "time" and more specifically, the longevity of trees' lives. The narrator continues by investigating the sound of trees and their effect on us humans. Lines 6-7, "We suffer them by the day…", suggests the effect that trees have on us, and the burden that we carry from it. "Till we lose all measures of pace" (7) shows the contrast between human fixity and the breadth of time and eternity of nature. The two following lines, "…and fixity in our joys, and acquire a listening air" (8-9) convey the idea that the previous effects are a result of trees inspiring us to look outward from ourselves as humans. It further instigates us to be aware of the space we control and measure which is certainly broader and harder to understand. The sound of the trees stimulates the narrator to think about his "going". Eventually, trees do not "grow...

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