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Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out” is narrated in a way that readers can learn the story of a boy who does as a result of accidentally cutting off his own hand with a buzz saw. This poem is set apart from others because Frost makes the entire thirty-nine-line poem into a one verse paragraph containing no stanzas. On the other hand, Linkin Park’s song “Waiting for the End” is a pop rock song, performed by an American rock band, which seems very unlike when compared to Frost’s poem. Although the creations of these pieces of art are created at different periods of time, they are similar in many ways. Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out” and “Waiting for the End” by the band Linkin Park are similar in terms of theme, title, and imagery – yet these similarities can also set the differences between the two pieces.

First, the themes of loss and caring are persistent throughout both pieces. However, “Out, Out” refers to the loss of a limb, and eventually life, is very unlike “Waiting for the End” in which there is a loss of presence of a significant other. In the poem, the protagonist is working on his regular labor intensive day job – and is required to saw some wood using an electric buzz saw. The conflict arises when his sister comes out of the house in order to tell the working boy that supper is ready. The crisis is the reaction,” As if to prove saws know what supper meant, [the saw] Leaped out at the boy’s hand” (Frost 385) and landed upon his other? hand, severing it. The theme of loss carries on to “Waiting for the End” but in a somewhat different fashion. The main character is losing himself in his own thoughts by immersing himself into the thoughts of letting his significant other go, thusly breaking the relationship. Mike, the lead singer of the band, sings “forget it, let it all disappear” meaning that he does not wish to recall all the memories he has created with this person. Although loss is a prominent theme between the pieces, the theme of caring must not be overlooked. “Out, Out” finishes out with “And they, since they, Were not the one dead, turned to their affairs,” this can be seen as the fellow workers momentary care for the child as he was hurt, and then not caring at all, as he was dead, since they themselves were not the ones who had deceased. The general mood that “Waiting for the End” puts out is that antagonist simply does not care enough to further the relationship by working problem out, and has given up all hope – and does not care about the protagonists’ feelings.

Next, the titles of both works share a common meaning about something finishing or stopping. Readers can take this a step further by realizing that life is put out via injury in Robert Frost’s poem against Linkin Park’s wait for the end of a dreadful relationship. In “Out, Out” the protagonist is given ether, which is used as anesthesia, and “puffs his lips” (Frost 386) as he exhaled his last, painful breaths. The slowing beat of his heart showed that less blood was...

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