Robert Frost: The Life Of A Poet

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Robert Frost's words touch everyone who reads them and have become a standard for schools and libraries everywhere. The poet of freedom knew tragic joy for eighty-eight years. His days were not free of tears, though some have thought he was unduly optimistic. Despite problems at home and his rough start, he rose to become one of the greatest poets in American history. Using the New England countryside as a base for his poetry, Robert Frost quickly grew a reputation of being a "nature poet". He often used nature to symbolize morality and everyday emotions and problems that one must go through, but his poetry is darker than it might suggest. His poetry such as: "Home Burial", "Nothing Gold Can Stay", "The Dust of Snow", "Mending Wall", "Tufts of Flowers", and "The Road Not Taken" all use the New England countryside to symbolize either things that happened in Robert Frost's life or things that happened to everyone in life. Robert Frost's magnificent life can only be summed up by the poet himself, "I had a lover's quarrel with the world." His words will remain forever as an echo of his greatness in everyone's lives who have ever read his poetry.From the moment he was born on March 26, 1874, Robert Lee Frost was immersed in a chaotic environment with conflicting messages. Family legend says that William threatened to shoot the doctor if anything went wrong with his son's birth. Born to William and Belle Frost in San Francisco, California, Robert soon found out his parents had many differences. Robert's home life was marked by violence and the family made every effort to avoid upsetting the sick, unpredictable William every chance they could. On May 5, 1885 William Frost died of Tuberculosis and shortly after the rest of the family was shipped to Salem, New Hampshire where Belle took a teaching job and eleven-year-old Robert took on part-time jobs. Later, Robert Frost got accepted into high school where he became a loner and often suffered from depression, but eventually graduated co-valedictorian with his eventual wife, Elinor White.After high school, Frost attended Dartmouth while White attended St. Lawrence University. Despite his intellectual enthusiasm, Frost found his classes boring and left Dartmouth before the end of his first semester. Instead of going to work, he embedded himself with reading poetry by Keats, Shelley, Tennyson, and Browning. This work had an effect on his poetry. In 1894, he composed "My Butterfly," which was written about his sister Jeanie's mental deterioration increased the instability of the Frost household and was published by "The Independent". Struggling to sustain his family and live with the untreated mental illness of his sister and the stigma of being viewed as a failure by most of his acquaintances, Frost was again outraged with depression. On December 19, 1895, Frost and Elinor married. On September 25, the Frost's first child, a boy named Elliot was born. Finances, however, remained a problem. By the winter of...

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