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Over time, some of the simplest rockets and other space inventions have become even more elaborate. In 1232, the first rockets were used by the Chinese and the Mongols while experimenting with their creation of gunpowder. (“Rocket History.” N.p., n.d. Web. 9 May 2014.) Rockets were also tossed around with for fireworks and for the war between the Chinese and the Mongols. (“Rocket History.” N.p., n.d. Web. 9 May 2014.) They built and fired rockets with gunpowder combustion chambers. Other rocket-like devices have appeared throughout history in different cultures. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a Russian school teacher, produced the idea of using rockets for better things like space travel. ("Rocket History." Rocket History. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 May 2014.) However, Robert H. Goddard, born October 5, 1882, was the first to ever launch a liquid-fueled rocket and is recognized for his hard work and discoveries to this day. ("When was the first rocket invented? | ...view middle of the document...

His motivation and drive came from his imagination of traveling to outer space while he climbed a cherry tree as a young boy. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.") From then on, Robert took steps to achieve his dream of traveling to outer space. He decided to invent a balloon that would never deflate. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.") His first idea for space travel with a rocket was to spin a projectile fast enough so that the centrifugal force would overcome the force of gravity. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.") After he tested his theories and failed, he realized how much math and physics played a huge role in space travel. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.") He then became an expert in the two subjects. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.") Robert then enrolled back in highschool, older than most graduates. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.") Though his educational life was thriving, his dream wasn’t which caused him to become daunted.
After receiving his doctorate degree in physics, Goddard went to Princeton on a research fellowship. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.") He was then diagnosed with tuberculosis and was not expected to live much longer. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.") In December of 1925, he tested a liquid-fueled rocket and it was satisfactory. ("First liquid-fueled rocket." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 9 May 2014.) A year later on March 16, 1926, he launched the fully completed liquid-fueled rocket and it was definitely a success. The rocket traveled for 2.5 seconds at a speed of about 60 miles per hour. ("First liquid-fueled rocket." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 9 May 2014.) Not only was the rocket 10 feet tall, but it also reached an altitude of 41 feet. ("First liquid-fueled rocket." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 9 May 2014.) Goddard’s rocket was fueled by liquid and oxygen. ("First liquid-fueled rocket." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 9 May 2014.) In 1945, Robert Goddard’s life ended with tuberculosis. In his last few years, Goddard did his best work and was most successful. (Aaseng, Nathan. "Robert Goddard & the Rocket.")

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