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Robert Koffler Jarvik And The Artificial Heart

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There have been many great inventions that have shaped our world for the better throughout the years. Some of those inventions have been created by minorities. For example some of them have been the first Airplane, Telephone, Computer and many others. One of the most useful inventions that have saved many lives and has made the world a better place have been the Heart Inventions. The Heart is the organ that keeps every human being alive. The heart is also the first organ to develop. Although, sometimes individuals are born with heart conditions technology is always there. In some cases the heart has to be removed and an Artificial Heart has to be implanted. The Artificial Heart has been one of the most significant inventions created.
Robert Jarvik is the person who invented the first Artificial Heart to be used on a human being. Robert Koffler Jarvik is an Inventor, Physician, and Biomedical Engineer ( He was born on May 11, 1946 in Midland, Michigan ( He was born to Norman Jarvik and Edythe Jarvik. As a kid he was always taking things apart to see how they work. He would sometimes watch his father in the operating room, which sparked an interest in him ( While Robert was still in high school he also invented the automatic stapler for surgery.
After high school, in 1964 he attended Syracuse University. He took courses in Mechanical Drawings and Architecture ( Robert considered a career in art, but later on he changed his mind due to his father’s heart disease. He then changed his major to medicine.
He was having some problems realizing what his actual dreams were. He graduated in 1968 with a degree in zoology. His plans to join the medical field and the American Medical School were set back due to his grades. He was also rejected by twenty five different schools.
Therefore, after his rejection of those schools he enrolled in New York University, and worked for a career in biomechanics ( Not giving up on his dream of becoming a doctor he entered the Artificial Heart Program at the University of Utah ( At the University of Utah Robert got an opportunity to work with Willem Kolff, the director of the institute ( Mr. Kolff had been working on inventing the first artificial heart for a long time.
After working with Willem, Robert finally got accepted into the Medical Field and received his first degree in 1976 ( Unfortunately, shortly after his acceptance his father passed away from aneurysm. Robert’s loss of his father whom he really loved, inspired him to pursue his career in biomedical engineering, and to help create the first artificial heart in honor of his dad. He would help achieve the challenges associated with the heart.
Robert Jarvik later on returned to Utah, and found out that some inventions of the artificial heart had been designed. Although, with the invention came some...

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