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Robert Law Ca Of Independant Reading 3rd Quarter

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The story takes place in the land known as The Kingdom, during their medieval times, right before an invasion by the extradimensional aliens known as the Tsurani, who are at a similar point in time in their own dimension. In this story, there are also a variety of creatures and snetient species that do not exist in real life, such as goblins, elves, and dwarves. It is also shown, through a brief vision, that the Tsurani also have many fantastic creatures in their dimension.
First, Pug is lead to Kulgan's domicile during a storm. A few weeks later, during "The Choosing", a day in which masters pick which children are to be their apprentices, Pug is chosen by Kulgan to be his ...view middle of the document...

After having counsel with the elves, Duke Borric and a group that includes Tomas and Pug go out to warn the dwarves about the possibility of a Tsurani invasion. Along the way, they are ambushed by a race known as the modherel, and lose many men. Once they reach the first group of dwarves, they go through the mines to get to the other dwarves as quickly as possible. However, they are ambushed by a wraith, and Tomas is separated from the group. Dolgan, the dwarf leader, goes back into the mines to look for him, while the rest of the party continues forward. Dolgan finds Tomas in a room in which a dragon lays dying. After thanking them for keeping it company as it dies, the dragon allows them to take gifts from its incredible horde, then expires. Meanwhile, Duke Borric and his advisors seek help from the King of the Kingdom. We discover the Tsurani have begun their invasion, and Crydee receives aid from the Kingdom's main forces, with Duke Borric chosen to lead all the Kingdom's forces. During the first major battle with the Tsurani, Pug is apparently killed. During this time, Tomas has repelled multiple Tsurani attacks on the dwarf kingdom. The Tsurani attempt to attack through the mines, but are repelled. They then lay siege to Crydee, but the siege is eventually broken due to political turmoil in their homeland.

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