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Robert Lee “Sam” Huff And West Virginia

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West Virginia is stereotyped as a poor state, a state that suffers badly from poverty. Most people fail to see the positive things about West Virginia, such as their beautiful environment that allows great vacation places that are always neglected along with minerals and goods that are produced throughout the United States of America and used worldwide. Although, West Virginia is stereotyped as a poverty based state, it has much to offer.
A number of famous people have also originated from the small state of West Virginia. People such as Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Mary Lou Retton, Pearl S. Buck, Brad Paisley and many, many more have all lived in West Virginia. Obviously, these people are known worldwide, but the simple fact that they are from West Virginia is frequently neglected. Surprisingly, more than just these people have come from the great state of West Virginia. A number of athletes have come of age in the state of West Virginia. Jerry West, O.J. Mayo, Chad Pennington, Randy Moss, and many, many more have also came from West Virginia. Most of the nation’s population fails to recognize this.
Although West Virginia is mostly frowned upon, its positive side is key to many parts the nation, from people to places to things. One of the stand-out athletes that have come from West Virginia is the famous football player named Sam Huff. As you can see, modern celebrities and historical figures have both came from West Virginia. All the listed people are highly respected and honored nationwide and known around the world. To be respected, you have to have respect for other and while growing up in West Virginia, I have learned that when you come from a small town, you seem to have a different perspective on everyday life.
As I’ve noted before, the famous football player Sam Huff is from West Virginia and actually started his football career at his local high school while growing up in an average West Virginian family. In the informative essay I am about the start, I will filled your minds with thoughts and pieces of valuable information about the famous football player by the name if Sam Huff.
In a small town in Edna Gas, West Virginia, Robert Lee “Sam” Huff was born on October 4, 1934. Edna Gas is actually near Morgantown, West Virginia. Robert Lee “Sam” Huff has many siblings. Huff was the fourth of Oral and Catherine Huff's six children. His family lived in a small rowhouse with no running water. Growing up during the depression, his father and two of his brothers worked in the coalmines loading buggies for Consolidated Mining. Throughout his childhood, Sam Huff worked on a coal camp near him home with his father and siblings while trying balance football and a high school education. Actually, he enjoyed his time working with his brothers and fathered. He worked on...

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