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Robert Mondavi And The Wine Industry

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The wine industry is very much global, and is traditionaly rooted in typical variety coming from distincts regions of the world : California Napa Valley, the French regions of Burgundy and Beaujolais, fine Italian wines. Wine is very much tied to the winery it comes from in both brand and regional recognition. The global supply chain for the wine industry can take on several forms depending on where the wine is produced, who grows the grapes, where the wine is sold, and how it gets there.Within the United States, most wine production is controlled by large companies who produce many of their own brands of wine, often owing many wineries in California and even abroad. While the dominants brands do shift, the strong companies stays at the top. Recently in the industry there has been a movement toward consolidation, as the large companys on top buy up smaller wineries and add them to their collection. International trade in wine has only expanded in recent years.While there is always a tension between the old-world and the new-world styles of winemaking, there are wineries around the world who employ both. Generally, the larger producers use more modern technology, and smaller, often family owned wineries still use time honored traditional equipment and methodologies.Robert Mondavi is a leading producer of premium table wines from around the world. He found the Robert Mondavi Winery in the heart of Napa Valley in 1966. He is a precursor of today modern California wine industry and established a reputation as the industry's leading innovator. The company is now under the leadership of his sons, Michael Mondavi, Vice Chairman, and Tim Mondavi, Vice Chairman and Winegrower. The company is recognized throughout the world for its winemaking excellence.Key to success of the Mondavi empire is the Mondavi family. Throughout the company history, the Mondavi inner circle : Robert, Michael and Tim has been part of the management team. Whatever the company's success or failures, the responsibilty lies basically on the family's shoulders. The Mondavi management style has come under increasing pressure since the family took the company public in 1993. Indeed, growth remains vital to the company's success.Robert Mondavi Corporation has a unique opportunity to become a leader in providing top quality premium and super-premium table wines to consumers around the world. By focusing their efforts and resources exclusively on this popular table wine segment, they will bring their wines to market in a highly effective and efficient way.For wines as well as other alcoholic beverages, profit growth at the low end of the market may continue to be elusive, as this segment continues to experience...

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