Robert Patterson's Dereliction Of Duty: The Eyewitness Account Of How Bill Clinton Compromised American's National Security.

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You might want to add a introduction to this paper.This paper reviews Robert Patterson's Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of how Bill Clinton Compromised American's National Security. It will include the student's summary of the books eight chapters and Appendix A, as well as the student's opinion regarding Patterson's contention that Bill Clinton endangered America's national security.Robert Patterson's book Dereliction of Duty is not a personal attack on President Clinton. He stated that President Clinton was a likeable person that treated him well on a personal level (Pg. 20). But, after Patterson's retirement in September 2001, hundreds of current and former military personnel encouraged him to "tell the story that needed to be told" (Pg. 22). Dereliction of Duty is a personal eyewitness to the untold actions of how the President compromised American's National Security and the clear disregard to military employees that was present throughout the Clinton administration.The first chapter in Patterson's book is about his career in the military and the many missions he took apart in. "After twelve months of pilot training, (he) was assigned as a C-141 Starlifter pilot to Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina" (Pg. 32). Patterson flew under President Reagan's order to fly troops into combat in the invasion of Grenada. After a very successful mission the new Reagan-era reformed Patterson had restored confidence, determination, and ability throughout his military career.For the next thirteen years Patterson was more motivated then ever. Ironically, he flew more operations during "peace dividend and down-sizing of the military under President Clinton that during the Cold War years under President Reagan and Bush. Under President Clinton Patterson flew the greater part of his overseas assignments in places like Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, and Bosnia" (Pg. 35). Patterson states that missions before Clinton had a clear purpose such as delivering food and clothing to Somalia. During the Clinton administration operations in Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, and Bosnia were more vague. "This was the reason that in the mid-1990's military personal were thinking it was time to go. But a summons from the White House was not something that he was not prepared to ignore." (Pg. 39)Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson's life dramatically changed in September of 1995. A fifteen-year Air Force veteran, who flew on many combat fights in the 1980s and 1990s, was given the opportunity to work directly with the president of the United States. While serving a term at Travis Air Force Base in California, Patterson received a phone call informing him that he was selected for an interview to serve as Air Force aide to the president. After several interviews with an extensive background check, Patterson accepted the offer. He had five months to wrapped things up in California and relocate to Washington, D.C.Patterson worked for the forty-second President of the...

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