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Robert Rauschenberg Bibliography Suffolk County Community College Essay

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Alexis Atai
Final Project
Robert Rauschenberg
American artist Robert Rauschenberg was best known for paving the way for pop art of the 1960's. He made use of non-traditional materials and essentially made his own crossover between art and everyday objects. Rauschenberg displayed endless abstract technique all throughout his career. On one hand, Rauschenberg's brushwork in his paintings were similar to the abstract expressionist style and on the other hand, his use of everyday objects was a prime example of pop art. He was widely known for the crossover between the two, in which he employed all of his work with. Rauschenberg was into fitting a broad spectrum of assorted subject matters in just one painting or combine. His combines sometimes involved rubber tires, taxidermy animals, quilts, pillows, and other everyday objects. His paintings included images such as media from magazine, billboards, newscasts, and photos that revolve around that era. Rauschenberg was very dynamic in my eyes and for that he was quite an interesting man.
Born in Port Arthur, Texas, Milton Rauschenberg who was soon to be known was Robert Rauschenberg took no interest in anything art related until he was about to go off to college. As far as his original plan to be a pharmacist goes, that dream faded before it even started when he was kicked out of the University of Texas within his first semester. Without a good sense of direction, Rauschenberg turned to the Navy. After he spent a good three years enrolled in the Navy during World War II, Rauschenberg decided it was time to travel. He spent a year in the Kansas City Art Institute. Upon his arrival in Kansas City, he decided he would mark his new life with a new first name- Bob. The following year, now going by the name Robert, Robert Rauschenberg traveled to Paris to study at the Academie Julian. At the Academie Julian, Rauschenberg met another American artist and the love of his life that went by the name Susan Weil. They later married.
After Robert Rauschenberg saved up enough money, he finally returned to the United States in the year 1948, he enrolled in a school that was newly famous for their art program by the name of Black Mountain College in North Carolina. In 1950, Rauschenberg felt that North Carolina did not have too much to offer him anymore and moved somewhere where opportunities were said to be endless-- New York City. The city was full of excitement and craziness and this made Rauschenberg realize that he wanted to be a painter and with this skill he decided he wanted to paint window displays for New York’s most fashionable designers that lined Fifth Avenue stores such as Tiffany’s and Bonwit Teller.
He found his signature design by using materials “traditionally outside of the artist’s reach” (PBS, 2006). By doing this Rauschenberg would cover a canvas with paint of some sort and do things like ink the wheel of a car and run it over paper to create a phenomenal drawing. “From the start,...

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