Robert Reich And Symbolic Analysts Essay

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Reich uses the term of 'symbolic analysts' to describe what he feels one of the three main job classifications of the future will be. The symbolic analysts will be someone who is a problem identifier, a problem solver, or an innovator who can visualize new uses of existing technologies. This class of workers includes scientists, engineers, and other scientific or technical specialties as well as marketers, investors, some types of lawyers, developers and a wide variety of consultants.The symbolic analysts will have a high level of education, both in the classroom and on the job experience.Reich believes that this new, actually redefined, class of workers will be the best bet for job growth and success into the next century. Opportunities for job growth will remain rather high. This is a result of two factors, a slowing growth in population and the future retirement of the baby boomer generation (Reich, 203). It is not the number of jobs in the future that is the problem, its the quality of those jobs. On the whole, Reich identifies two trends in job quality. The number of mundane, manufacturing jobs will decrease as well as the number of in-person service jobs e.g. bank tellers, but growth in the number of symbolic analytical positions.The loss of repetitive manufacturing is primarily a cost saving plan of American corporations. Corporations seeking to lower their costs of labor move their large, low-skilled manufacturing to points all over the globe in attempt to find the lowest wages. Replacement of some in-person services is attributed to technological change. Examples of this cutting of numbers can be seen in the blossoming of automated teller machines, unmanned self service gas stations, and home shopping capabilities.The symbolic analyst, however, contains a commodity that is both valuable and...

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