Roberto Plano And Cof C’s International Piano Series

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I learned about the International Piano Series (IPS) during my first year at the College of Charleston. I saw the flyers around the campus and decided to go to one of the concerts. I was interested in going because I enjoy listening to piano music, and because I really liked the idea of bringing musicians from around the world to Charleston. I have been to a few performances since then. This year my boyfriend and I decided to go to all four concerts because we loved all of the ones we have been to in the past.
The tickets for the concert cost $20, but it is free for CofC students. So, in terms of money it did not cost us anything; however, it did in terms of time and effort. IPS concerts are always on Tuesday at 8pm, which is somewhat inconvenient for college students; at least for me because I live in Summerville. It takes me a while to get back home from downtown Charleston, plus I just do not like driving at night. If I did not have a boyfriend who lives in James Island and if I could not spend the night at his house, I probably would not be as willing to stay for the concert after classes as I was that Tuesday. And of course the parking is always an issue. The parking garage on St. Philips Street is located almost next to the Sottile. However, we knew that the event parking there usually costs $5, so we wanted to try finding a free spot on the street first which took a while. We ended up parking on Wentworth Street, so for the most part of the first 15 minutes of the experience we were walking to the theatre. Honestly, I would prefer to just take a bus from James Island to downtown instead of driving. We would still have to walk, but at least we would not have to worry about parking. Unfortunately, there are no buses that late.
After we got to the Sottile Theatre, we went to the box office to get the tickets. We were told we just need to show our student IDs at the entrance to get in, unlike the last few times when we did have to get tickets. This time it was easier and faster for us. The staff at the box office and inside the theatre was very friendly and welcoming. The doors were already opened, so we did not have to wait in the hall, but could go ahead and find good seats. We were there a little early, so we had some time to look around. Sottile Theatre is one of my favorite venues in downtown. It is fairly old, although not as old as other buildings in the area, and it is relatively small with only about 800 seats. The audience was typical for the IPS concert: most of the people were around 50 and up years old. There were some CofC students,...

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