The Adventures And Tales Of Robin Hood

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The legend of Robin Hood is widely known throughout the world. There are various literary works pertaining to the adventures and tales of Robin Hood. The main legacy that Robin and his band of merry men leave behind is the heroic concept of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. The tale has been around for hundreds of years, and is still a recurring theme used for different types of entertainment such as different movies, plays and books. As with most historical heroes the facts of their life may become slightly fabricated with the passing of time. This is especially true with the myth of Robin Hood. There have been many historians that have searched to find out where the true legend originated. In A Brief History of Robin Hood: The True Story Behind The Legend, Nigel Cawthorne states that Robin Hood “was born in Loxely around 1160 and was an active outlaw around 1193-4, then outlawed again in 1225 until his death in 1247”(46). Robin Hood is described as an outlaw who lives in the forest with his gang, the merry men. The merry men were other outlaws that helped Robin Hood with his heroic adventures. Hood is generally depicted as wearing green tights with feathers in his hat. He also carries along side of him a bow and arrow. The outfit of Robin Hood has however been slightly manipulated because the clothes he is depicted wearing had not even been designed until hundreds of years after his life span. The mysteries behind the legendary Robin Hood are endless. The major components to consider while looking into Robin Hoods past involves, his myths, similar outlaws, and the truth behind the legend.
In order to find the original Robin Hood, all the different myths have to be acknowledged and discarded until it can be narrowed down. First, the origin of the story needs to be found. The legend of Robin Hood has him residing in Sherwood Forest closely located to the town of Nottingham; which is located in England. Nottingham is where the story of Robin Hood begins. Since this is common knowledge among the world, it is important to search deeper to find similar myths that occurred in the Sherwood Forest. The stories of Robin Hood portray him as a heroic outlaw. There is no recorded evidence of how Robin Hood came to be an outlaw, it seems the legend starts with him already being an outlaw. Given that the artifacts of his life before being an outlaw are slim to none, it could be that Robin Hood was an idea rather then a real person. This may be why it is so difficult to put a name with the actual man. Many of Robin Hood’s adventures represent the battles between good and evil. Robin did not obey the law during his time period, yet he was still a hero to the lower class people. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, and that is perhaps why being an outlaw did not create fear among the people. Robin’s acts were simply giving back to the poor from which the rich had stolen. They exemplified the greater good and gave the people in need hope....

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