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Robin Hood And Early England Essay

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21Shahrzad FrostMr. FineranAP English and Literature12 October 2014 What Does Robin Hood Tell Us?England in the Middle Ages was filled with inequality, poverty, and outlaws. Robin Hood is the story of a man and his band of Merry Men who essentially steals from the rich and gives to the poor, also battling the class system. The existence of there being an actual Robin Hood has never been confirmed. So, why was this myth brought into existence?The idea of Robin Hood is not that far-fetched. While he may not have been an actual person, he may have been based off of another. This very well could have led to the creation of a fictional man who stole money from royals and nobles, and gave it to the poor. It also shows us the breakdown of the English class system when Robin Hood is married to Maid Marian, and therefore moved up in the classes.If people created this myth of Robin Hood, they were obviously unhappy under the rule of King Richard. They needed the idea of a person who would fight for them against the king's rule. Robin Hood is this figure for them, and he also gives hope.Many people believe that Robin Hood may have been real. There were other legends about outlaws, but these involved dragons and other supernatural elements. Robin Hood was set aside from these other myths because of its more realistic spin. This leads some to believe that there is some truth to the myth.England in the Middle Ages seems like a...

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