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Robin Hood Vs. The Court Jester

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The story of Sir Robin of Locksley from The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Hubert Hawkins tale from The Court Jester are similar in several obvious ways in which you can easily tie the two together, but separated by humor and subtle details. Robin Hood, the dashing hero of The Adventures of Robin Hood is turned into a loveable goof named Hubert Hawkins, who resembles Robin's good nature, but is different because of his lack of training and skill with a sword, and with his wit.The rightful king in both stories is off of the throne by a power hungry family member, although King Roderick was much more entertaining, while Prince John in The ...view middle of the document...

Instead of convincing people to follow Robin Hood by showing what an awful King is on the throne, Hawkins in The Court Jester simply shows the birthmark of the child that he is carrying. This is yet another sign that it is much less serious than The Adventures of Robin Hood.While attempting to infiltrate the castle, and still portraying the hero, Hawkins stumbles into his success more than Robin Hood earned it in The Adventures of Robin Hood. Griselda, Princess Gwendolyn's personal witch puts a spell on Hawkins in The Court Jester which causes him to snap between his normal awkward self, and his best Robin Hood impersonation, a champion swordsman and a charming gentleman.While Hawkins may resemble Robin Hood in his time under Griselda's spells, his people and followers plans surely do not. Robin Hood wins the girl and defeats the evil Prince after intentionally falling into a trap, while Hawkins falls into a trap of his own, only this time he's got the upper hand. Both films end in a fight sequence, with The Court Jester's Hubert Hawkins snapping between personalities, which The Adventures of Robin Hood's Robin of Locksley deals with the cheap tricks of his foe. Both characters end by winning and getting the girl, (as do many heroes in films following these movies) but The Court Jester in a much more humorous way. Both end up with the same conclusion, but the trip it took to get there was similar in several obvious ways in which you can easily tie the two together, but separated by humor and subtle details.

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