Robot To Hero: High Tech Based Movies Of The Eighties

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Movies are nothing without an audience, so wouldn’t the remake be changed for the current audience’s needs? If the remake stayed the same as the original people might not like it as much because the general public has demands that want to be met. Sometimes this doesn’t work out and it makes a horrible movie. RoboCop’s remake on the other hand evolved into a better movie than the original. “What the film does well is it updates the action and movement. Here’s the other tendency for updates and reboots: make it badass.” (Javier) Many things have changed for this movie, but the same stop the bad guy story line is still similar to the original.
In the eighties, tech based movies were popular and they were what the people wanted. Movies like RoboCop were good movies in spite of how technology limited the ability to make a visually more realistic movie. This movie takes place in 2028 Detroit where crime has gotten out of control and the only way to save the cops from risking their lives was for Omni Consumer Products (OCP), the company that now owns the police, to build a robot cop. The only problem is that they needed a human to put in the robot for it to be accepted by the leader of OCP. Alex Murphy was chosen for the program after being killed on duty. The doctors rebuilt him in a robotic body and took his memories. This basically made him into a robot because they programed him and he couldn’t override his programming. The program leader didn’t care about Alex as a man; he only cared about his personal gain through a successful robotic cop being built. Murphy’s dead remains are brought back to life to live in the robotic body, but his only identity was RoboCop until his partner helps him remember who he is. He now had no family because his wife and son relocate after his death. So, the only one left to help him is his partner.
Superhero movies are the big thing now, and by making some changes to the story, it meets the needs of the current audience. The setting is the same, but the look and style has changed due to the obvious time differences of when these films were made. Alex Murphy isn’t brutally murdered this time around, but is in extremely, critical condition. His wife must make a decision to let the doctors with OmniCorp do anything necessary to save her husbands life or let him die because he will not have a normal life. Alex’s wife and son are completely aware of what is happening to Alex, and get put in the middle of the conflicts that unravel later. The main doctor also cares about Alex as a human being and not as a science project, putting the doctor in a tough spot to do the right thing or what he is told to do. A major change is that Alex’s memory is not erased. By doing this, he knows what happened and is surprised when his newfound abilities unveil the pieces to the puzzle of his attempted murder. “This Robocop is so fully reimagined that it might as well be a different movie from the 80s original.” (Newitz)

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