Robotic Development In 21st Century. Essay

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In the past two decades, personal computers, the World Wide Web, and mobile phones became everyday vocabulary, which shows that the use of these technologies already permeates our lives. Technology has changed the patterns of communication, of work and of leisure. Life at the beginning of the 21st century is characterized by ever-increasing pace of technology development and the continued change in the pattern of human life (Damodaran 377). Technology has made our lives much easier and convenient, and it also has changed our lives in ways we had never imagined thirty years ago. In the year of 2000, 87% of U.S families have personal computer in the home, and 79% of these families have Internet access at home (Ignatius 76). We have been through the Internet and computer boom, so what will come next? According to Pollack, "In 2001, robots are where personal computers were in 1980-poised to break into the marketplace as common corporate tools and ubiquitous consumer products performing life's tedious chores." (111) Robots implemented with artificial intelligence are primarily designed to help people handle a variety of jobs and allow people's lives to be easier. However, why haven't we seen robots in our lives like personal computers or mobile phones?It is because while many people are excited about new innovations, others are saying new innovations need to be stopped. Technology has improved the quality of human life but also has forced us to handle more jobs and brought pressure into our lives. Some people think a housing robot will help us to do the job that takes lots of time and allow people have more personal time. On the other hand, some others believe that we have enough technology in our lives already. If we rely on "machines" for everything, we may lose our ability to handle tasks. Although the opinions are diverse, the evidence we have today shows that we should allow robots to be produced in our society and even become part of our family.Unlike Industry robots which are designed to repeat tasks thousands of times by the programmed instructions, artificial intelligence robots have a built-in program that has simple intelligence to perform the task according to the environment. For example a robot can be programmed to jump automatically while the light is turned on, and the owner does not command every single movement. It is called a housing robot because it is designed to serve in the household. The iRobot company design household communications robots in Somerville, and has produced the clean robot named Aiboclean to help people clean up the house. Sensors built in the robot can monitor the condition of the air, and start cleaning when necessary. Aiboclean can vacuum the carpet without human control. They will save people lots of time, especially those single parent families who always feel frustrated with work and house cleaning. Research has found that children under the age 13 living with single mothers spent 12 to 14 fewer hours with...

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