Surgery Performed By Robots Essay

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Surgery is already invasive enough without the prospect of a robot operating; people want to feel secure, not more vulnerable. Robotic surgery may be here, but it is not yet ready for the operating room because of the challenges and complications it brings with it. Like all new things, robotic surgery costs money; installing and the operation cost of the technology would come with a need to budget. While some people, even including doctors, would argue that, the cost of robotic surgery would be beneficial and rewarding. However, it is not just finding the means for the budget, there are other aspects to consider. A surgical robot's cost can average from $1.0-$1.4 million to install, along with annual maintenance charges of $100,000-$200,000 (Walters, 2011, p. 456). The financial burden must be a major consideration when determining the feasibility of the investment. Hospitals must perform 250 surgeries with surgical robots to justify the costs (Yates, 2011, p. 1710). In addition, there are requirements of hospitals to sustain the costs. However, since robotic surgery is costly for hospitals to supplement the cost, they look for alternative ways of raising money through taxpayers and fundraisers. Affordability is an important aspect in the installation of any new technology or equipment. If the equipment costs are not easily absorbed, there will be obstacles to overcome. Similarly, to cars, medical technology is constantly going through alterations and improvements; it is never a done project. Though some people may say that robot surgery is a great new addition to medical technology, there is evidence arguing that robotic surgery is not as new as medical technology presents it to be. In the 1950s, discovery of a notebook of Leonardo da Vinci’s, from which the robotic surgery system gets its name, held sketches of a mechanical knight, proving that mechanical devices is not a new idea (Yates, 2011, p. 1708). Although, it was the eighteenth century's industrial revolution, which was the pivotal point in robotic technology, it was 1983 when the first surgery was performed with a surgical robot (Yates, 2011, pp. 1708-1709). In 1999, medical services released the first da Vinci robot, followed by upgrades in 2003, 2006, and 2009 (Yates, 2011, p. 1710). The da Vinci Surgical System may be new, but robots are not a new concept in medicine. The idea of robotic surgery has been around for years; only now is the technology considered advanced enough. Everything fails at some point, but there should not be a risk of surgical equipment failure without notice. While there are some people who express that equipment failure is a part of technology, having an equipment failure during surgery cannot be fixed like a doctor’s ability to make an on-the-spot decision. In July 2008 to January 2009, a selected hospital performed a series of robot-assisted surgeries, recording all equipment failures (Mues, n.d., p. 104). Most of the failures...

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